Does Joe Giudice Make A Cameo In Season 13 Of RHONJ As The Wedding Drama Amps Up?

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Louie Ruelas attempted to reconcile with Melissa Gorga disregarding the perpetual Giudice/Gorga quarrel — regardless of whether it implied bringing his significant other to-be down a notch: "Teresa, you're coming here and destroying a second"

Teresa Giudice, Joe Gorga and their father

Joe Gorga is at long last revealing insight into precisely what occurred among him and sister Teresa Giudice's life partner, Luis "Louie" Ruelas.

Joe has been vocal about his scorn for Louie all through season 13 of The Genuine Housewives of New Jersey — doing all that from considering him a "terrible seed" despite his good faith to detonating at him during "Fellow's Evening" subsequent to learning his mother by marriage had not been welcome to the wedding.

However, on Tuesday night's episode — which was shot before Louie and Teresa sealed the deal — Joe, 43, uncovered the agreement turned out badly that at last soured him to Louie.

"I don't want to cover my sister, yet in the event that she's discussing it, I can't lie," Joe said in that frame of mind prior to diving into the subtleties of the circumstance.

"I told [Louie], 'It's my thought, it's me and my sister, and we'll respect my dad, we'll consider it Nonno's Pizza.' He adored it," Joe made sense of his pizza broiler idea, intended to respect his and Teresa's late dad, Giacinto Gorga.

Giacinto passed on in April 2020, three years after his better half Antonia Gorga kicked the bucket at age 66 following a fight with pneumonia.

However, the business association never really happened as expected.

"[Louie] fastened me a second," Joe told Jackie Goldschneider and her significant other Evan, Jennifer Fessler, and Margaret Josephs and her better half Joe Benigno during breakfast.

In a confession booth, Joe made sense of: "My nephew, got him included. Requested these broilers, Louie places the cash in... I'm figuring I'm giving 50% to my sister, he was getting 50%. And afterward my nephew approaches my home and goes, 'Did you see the cases were requested?' I go, 'What boxes?' He goes, 'Your sister had a photoshoot with her and the young ladies, and they called it Thin Pizza or something to that effect.'"

"At the point when I find out, I call him and afterward Louie begins giving me some lip," Joe proceeded. "My sister, all of a sudden goes, 'Did you put the f- - - ing cash up?' I go, 'What? You figure I was unable to put $200,000 up?' I go, 'It was my f- - - ing thought!'"

"It got revolting," added Joe, as Melissa Gorga began to cry at the table. "My sister was saying, 'Therefore you don't work with family!' Bulls- - - . You can work with anybody assuming you go in with the trust and you're not hoping to swindle someone."

Melissa, 44, then told the gathering of her sister by marriage, "I believe she's narrow minded to such an extent that she doesn't want to share. The main thing ultimately is that. It's the entire thing, I feel awful for [Joe]. I feel awful for everyone that it arrived at this point."

In a confession booth, Melissa added: "We were like, so confident about this fresh start with them. He was like, 'They took it from me.' It was extremely miserable on the grounds that I feel like this person has nobody."

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