Is Drake really the murderer of XXXTentacion?
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I honestly feel like Drake did kill X. First of all they had beef goin on. Second, Drake released a song a while after X’s death. The song is called “Im Upset” and part of the lyrics goes “SMS, Triple X, That’s the only time I shot bellow the neck”….SMS means Send My Shooters, Triple X stands for XXXTentacion and X was shot bellow the neck. The whole story of X’s death is in the lyrics. Another part of the lyrics also says “ 50,000 on my head” the day of X’s death, he was going to buy a present for Tripie Red cause of his bday, but when he got stoped by the shooter he refused to give them the money, that’s when they shot him. The song also says “Why you keep shooting if you know he dead” X was shot more than once. Third, in one for X’s interviews he said that if he ever dies it’s all on Drake. Lastly, X already knew he was finna die, he said it lots of his lives. For example, when the shooters went into the motorcycle store, X saw them and right away left the store, he knew he was going to die that day, I feel like Drake had already threatened to kill him. How come he kept saying “ If some ni**as come and shoot me….” He already knew who was going to kill him and where. Lots of X’s songs also have hidden messages about his death and shit. Drake should be sentenced to death and pay for what he did to the X.

Answered 2 months ago Torikatu Kala

Drake’s reign can't truly be ended. The self-proclaimed “6 god” has constructed an empire transcending web generations and at this point, the solely man or woman who can cease Drake is Drake. That’s no longer to say he hasn’t taken some L’s alongside the way, the head of OVO has attested to that, however the top of his artistry is past the attain of petty squabbles.
So when XXXTentacion first took difficulty with Drake over the use of his go with the flow from Look At Me!, it regarded to be a stab in the dark. Despite the track taking off, right here was once this highly unknown SoundCloud rapper accusing the largest artist in hip-hop of stealing his precise drift and the usage of it for his track KMT (Feat. Giggs).
As the story broke, X’s declare seemed to be an astronomical reach. But upon similarly review, there is some credence in the back of the accusation that is tough to ignore. On the different hand, in this day and age of hip-hop it’s nearly not possible to deposit a single individual with a single drift due to the fact the lifestyle has turn out to be a jumbo melting pot.
With X’s net have an effect on and the ghost of Drake’s writing past, the accusation took structure and received credibility amongst hip-hop fans. The majority really didn’t care, however some took to their socials and endured to press Drake which gave X the inexperienced mild to are searching for retribution.
On a later episode of OvO Sound radio, Drake denied copying X’s hit song, however X took matters further, later calling Drake a “bitch” in an interview with Miami’s 103 The Beat.
As the announcing goes, “when you come at the king, you higher now not miss,” and X’s subsequent strikes had each and every intention of no longer missing, opting to move the factor of no return in an strive to convey down the “6 god”.

Answered 2 months ago Willow Stella