Is USA Out Of The FIBA World Cup 2023?

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Group USA's undefeated record is history after a 110-104 misfortune Sunday to Lithuania in the Gathering Period of the 2023 FIBA World Cup.

Returning from a 17-point shortage at the half, Group USA battled to get the score to inside two belongings for a significant part of the final quarter. The Americans drew near range after a 15-2 disagreement the second from last quarter, yet never appeared to be ready to take the triumph.

In spite of the result, the two groups will progress in the competition. The matchup decided cultivating for the impending quarterfinals, which start Tuesday. Group USA has likewise currently equipped for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

"I disdain losing, I likely won't rest a lot of this evening," lead trainer Steve Kerr told journalists after the misfortune. "Be that as it may, for us to improve, we expected to feel this. We expected to lose the manner in which we did."

Anthony Edwards keeps on showing his solidarity posting 35 focuses Sunday in a resolute execution. The 22-year-old completed only three focuses short of Kevin Durant's single-game World Cup group scoring record. Mikal Extensions added 14 focuses. Jaren Jackson Jr's. presence was profoundly missed, as the enormous man got two speedy fouls and wrapped up with three places and one bounce back prior to fouling out.

For Lithuania, Mindaugas Kuzminskas (14 focuses), Vaidas Kariniauskas (15) and Jonas Valančiūnas (12) were the top scorers. In any case, the triumph was a sound representative for the group's general size and profundity.

Lithuania was prevailing in the main half, controlling the sheets and driving 54-37 going into the break. Shooting was the significant contrast, as Group USA shot 3-of-10 from profound. Lithuania was significantly more productive, going 9-for-12 from three in the primary half.

Lithuania outrebounded Group USA 43 to 27. As well as being overpowered on the sheets, Group USA couldn't depend on its stores to the surprise of no one. The Americans were likewise dominated there, getting simply 38 seat focuses contrasted with Lithuania's 61.

Group USA can in any case win gold and will have a chance to watch film and refocus prior to confronting Italy on Tuesday.


Is Team USA still in FIBA World Cup?

Group USA experiences 110-104 surprise misfortune to Lithuania, yet at the same time advances to knockout stage, fits the bill for Olympics. Group USA's undefeated run at the FIBA World Cup is authoritatively over Sunday as the Americans experienced a resentful misfortune because of Lithuania

Is USA vs Lithuania an elimination game?

Group USA has experienced its most memorable loss of the 2023 FIBA B-ball World Cup, tumbling to Lithuania in the last round of gathering play. The game was only for cultivating, as the two groups will progress to the quarterfinals, which start on Tuesday

Is Team USA in FIBA?

MANILA, Philippines - - Group USA has been in a few unfavorable circumstances in the 2023 FIBA World Cup, however this isn't one of them. This is a tribute to an old LeBron James statement, and it's a suitable one. It is not difficult to have a sharp response at whatever point the consistently preferred Americans lose in global play.

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