What Are The Seven Things You’re Not Supposed To Talk About?

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Maker Sarah Koenig's mom lives by a bunch of rules about discussion. She has a genuine rundown of untouchable themes, including how you dozed, your period, your wellbeing, your eating routine and that's just the beginning. You don't discuss these things, she says, since no one wants to think about it. This week we attempt to find stories on these definite themes that will discredit her.

The Seven Things You Should Never Talk About


Sarah's mother, Mrs. Matthiessen, questions that the staff of This American Life can track down incredible anecdotes about her conversational no-nos. (7 minutes)


OK, so we concede, that this story that a lady named Ninon told Sarah at an evening gathering isn't completely about period, yet we will ask extravagance since it has every one of the vital elements of a decent feminine cycle story. (7 minutes)


Dr. Steven Bratman has invested a ton of energy around individuals with outrageous and uncommon eating regimens. He tells Ira Glass that for some of them, there's no need to focus on getting thinner yet about turning out to be more unadulterated.


Deborah Lott comes from a family that fixates on wellbeing. Furthermore, when they all social affair for supper, their chitchat goes on overdrive. She recorded their last evening gathering, and guarantees maker Brian Reed that this is a commonplace supper for them.


Dr. Cady Coleman is a NASA space traveler who has spent over 4300 hours in space. Our senior maker Julie Snyder asked her what it resembles to rest while circling the earth. (3 minutes)


A gathering have a fantasy club that meets two times every month to discuss their fantasies. Sarah and her mother go along with one of their gatherings. (7 minutes)

Route Talk

Chris Garcia and his father were driving home, paying attention to oldies, sharing a pack of chips. An absolutely recognizable scene for them. They'd driven this course most likely many time, however something odd was occurring in the vehicle, so Chris began recording their discussion on his telephone. He tells maker Nancy Updike what occurred.

My feelings are wrong

This is another confusing aspect of expressing ourselves. Right when it comes time to express your feelings, you may doubt yourself and your experience, thinking, "Maybe I’m not being fair,” or “This is just how I see things but they have their point of view and maybe my point of view is wrong.” These kinds of thoughts may stop you from having the confidence to express yourself. The whole point of expression though isn’t to prove a case and to be right. It’s to be emotionally honest with your loved ones and to also hear them out. In that process, you may change your perspective and hopefully feel better, but it’s the process of being vulnerable and hearing one another out that brings people closer, not proving or disproving the facts.


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