What Do You Consider The Guilty Verdict In The Michelle Carter Manslaughter Case?

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Why is his diagnoses extra legitimate then her diagnoses. She was taking antidepressants also. he's allowed to be suicidal however she is not allowed to inspire it? Am I my brothers keeper? Who shall hold me? At what factor are we responsible for our actions? (together with suicide) His dad beat him. Why is he now not accountable? His grandfather changed into abusive. Why is he now not accountable? His dad and mom divorced and it caused him exquisite strain. Why are they no longer accountable? He become taking Celexa. permit me quote what Wiki says ?within the america, citalopram consists of a boxed warning stating it could increase suicidal wondering and conduct in those under age 24? Why is the drug business enterprise no longer responsible? Why is the psychiatrist now not responsible? What turned into her medicinal drug? Did it additionally convey a warning? Who was her decrease and did he/she know approximately this situation. Did he/she understand that she may supply irrelevant advice to someone? this example is tragic. was it Carter?s fault? whilst this occurs people need a solution. They want a scapegoat. They need a reason. They want revenge. because whilst they can blame someone they dont need to blame themselves. I see this all the time on tv information. So and So ultimately receives justice. They go to the circle of relatives, years after the dying, and ask how they feel ultimately getting justice. I say WTF, does that return the lifeless to lifestyles? this is the way we are taught to think. A member of the family of mine turned into killed. people might ask me approximately the killer and his sentence. i would ask them ?what sentence could bring her again?? A younger guy died and a younger female lost her destiny. however all people else can sense precise that they got justice. If only existence was this easy. She was no greater responsible then his father, his mother, his grandfather, his therapist, his reduce, her therapist, her decrease, her family, and our society. I labored in psychiatric care of adolescent patients. likely no person will examine this, lol. but this has me given that I noticed it on television. tonight it became on Dateline so I looked right here, and right here it became. we are merchandise of our environment!!!
Answered 4 months ago Torikatu Kala