What Does The FitnessGram PACER Test Say?

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The FitnessGram PACER test is a multi-level aerobic capacity test that increases in difficulty as you progress.

The test is used to measure a student's aerobic capacity as part of the FitnessGram assessment. Students go back and forth as often as they can, each turn being signaled by a beep. The test gets faster and faster over time until the student reaches their full score.

The PACER test score is combined with muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and body composition scores in FitnessGram software to determine if a student is in the Healthy Fitness Zone™ or the Needs Improvement Zone™.

New sound. New beeps. Same test.

For nearly three decades, the Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Race (PACER) test has been used in the FitnessGram assessment of thousands of PEs. courses in all 50 states. Now the legendary voice of the school fitness test changes. The Cooper Institute is proud to announce the release of FitnessGram PACER Test Remixes! powered by Hip Hop Public Health.

The new album is a collaboration between The Cooper Institute and Hip Hop Public Health, two organizations dedicated to improving youth fitness, reducing childhood obesity, and promoting healthy lifestyles through research and education.

Answered 9 months ago Naveen Ojha