What Is The Difference Between Reception Staff, Receptionists And Guest Staff In The Hospitality Industry?

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Front desk, receptionist, and customer service are similar positions with slightly different purposes. Depending on the size of the hotel, these responsibilities may be performed by one person (in a small hotel) or by several people in each professional category (large resorts).

The front desk agent is the employee you encounter during check-in who usually answers calls at the front desk, except at larger hotels. Its main purpose is to manage check-in, check-out and reservations.

The receptionist's main responsibility is handling incoming calls, answering customer questions and transferring calls to the correct department or person. Having a dedicated receptionist often means that the hotel receives many calls throughout the day. In small and medium-sized hotels, the receptionist and receptionist are often in the same position.

Customer Relations is the most flexible job description in terms of actual day-to-day responsibilities. Front desk clerks staff the front desk and receptionists answer the phones, but an attendant can be anything from a concierge who takes care of your bags and interacts with valet parking to a coordinator who plans children's activities. Guest Relations covers almost everything that has to do with improving the interaction between the guest and the hotel.

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