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Some women seem to have it all: intelligence, looks, talent, and wit. Actress Gillian Jacobs, 34, is one of those rare creatures, but she's not above envy. She had mixed feelings about the start of the HBO Girls series: "I was with Community at the time and we always fought to stay on the air," she recalls. "I was happy for Lena, but there is also a natural jealousy." Well, if you can't beat them, join them, and that's exactly what Jacobs did: in season four, she joined the cast of Girls as cult character Mimi-Rose Howard, no doubt. the most provocative and the least needy. Woman on the Program He now stars in his own Judd Apatow-created Netflix rom-com series Love (returning for a second season on March 10), as well as a number of upcoming films (Dean and Magic Camp). Jacobs quickly emerges as the patroness of smarties and independent souls, though her knees sometimes beat and her teeth chatter during auditions. Next, she talks about the perks of being an eccentric kid, her weird fondness for Hannibal Lecter, and marriage in the millennial realm.

All You Need to Know About Love’s Gillian Jacobs

IF SHE had unlimited resources, "It would be nice to live in New York now where I can afford to eat dinner. When I was there before, I lived on falafel and dollar pizza."

When she first moved to Los Angeles, she haunted unlikely places: "I used to read the La Brea Tar Pits, with all those toxic fumes. I think I was trying to get closer of Central Park."

WHY HER MOM first enrolled her in an acting class in third grade: “She had no friends and often talked to herself in the playground; The teachers called my mother and said, “Maybe you want to find a way out. She chose to act because I've always been a dramatic kid."

HER NAME is pronounced with a strong G, leading to his longtime nickname Gills. "When I was little and people would use a soft G, it drove me crazy, so I told them, 'It's like the gills of a fish.'"

HER MOTHER also called him "Bubby", after former Steelers quarterback Bubby Brister.

To this day, she doesn't know why her mother named her after a football player.

YOU GET the first role she auditioned for – when she was nine, The Steadfast Tin Soldier – but many tough auditions followed, including a test for the role of Carly Simon in a movie: “I can't sing , so mine rattled Teeth”. ; my knees were shaking; my eyes blurry. [Pause.] Yeah, I didn't get that part.

SHE LOVES her theater nerds ("You can find one a mile away") but has never dated another actor. She says her current lover is "creative" but is not on stage or in front of the camera.

Worst line she used on a date: "Come home with me and my mom will make you breakfast tomorrow morning."

LIKE MANY millennials, she has an ambivalent attitude towards marriage. "I don't have an immediate real example of a marriage that works. My friends got married because of green cards and health insurance.

THE most demanding director she's ever worked with: Philip Seymour Hoffman, who directed her in the 2008 play The Little Flower of East Orange at New York's Public Theater ("He demanded that every moment of the coin either a life or death coin.")

DIRECTORS he would most like to work with: The Coen Brothers, Paul Thomas Anderson and Steven Soderbergh. She also likes to kick movies: "It would be fun to do a Kathryn Bigelow action movie."
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HISTORIC ROLE she would most like to return to: hard-nosed journalist Hildy Johnson in 'His Girl Friday', originally played by Rosalind Russell in 1940.

SHE LOVES art forgers and other bad guys. “In real life, I'm very law-abiding; I am very square. So reading about outlaws gives me satisfaction.

SHE TOO worships certain nonsense, like Ignatius J. Reilly in A Confederacy of Dunces: “I read it while traveling with my mother, sharing a bed. I was laughing and shaking with every paragraph and it was driving her crazy.

Although known for her romantic comedies, she loves crime dramas like Manhunter, the prequel to Silence of the Lambs. "It gets your pulse racing and has that 80s vibe that I really love."
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HIS PERSONAL style is more functional than glamorous, but he has a penchant for designers: "Every Dries Van Noten makes me feel pretty tough."

Hanging alongside Dries in her closet: childhood Halloween costumes made by her seamstress grandmother, including a green velvet T. rex, vampire bat ensemble, and matching dresses made for her and her childhood Barbie were created.

HIS ONLY VICES: Black coffee and Vanderpump rules.

She submitted her favorite RuPaul, saying, "What people think of me is none of my business."

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