Which Is More Potent, Russia Or Ukraine?

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Few inside the West understand the depth and scope of familial, cultural, spiritual interconnection between Ukrainians and Russians. My wife?s grandmother is Ukrainian, and my daughter is a piece Ukrainian too. My maternal uncle?s wife is Ukrainian, 3 of my cousins are half Ukrainians. My cousin?s spouse is from Dnipro. a lot of my classmates were Ukrainians. My boss?s nephew?s spouse is from Kyiv. And it's far very much like many thousands and thousands of Russians. population of Ukraine is around 40 million. Russia has 144 million. thus the network of interrelationships is big, great. Putin suggests severing them and putting forward circle of relatives participants, friends and co-workers mind lifeless zombies controlled with the aid of neo-Nazis. ruled through a Jewish president.
Answered 10 months ago Thomas Hardy