Who Is Ice Spice? How The 'Boy's A Liar' Rapper Became Rap's New Princess

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Isis Gaston, better known as Ice Spice, is a 23-year-old rapper from the Bronx who has taken a leap forward in her career over the past year, thanks in part to her fast and catchy lyrics and her uncompromising feminine personality.
Who Is Ice Spice? Everything To Know About The Gen Z Rapper
His rise to fame began with the release of "Munch (Feelin' You)" in August 2022. When rap superstar Drake discovered the song, he played it on his Sirius XM Sound 42 radio station, and the single quickly went viral. on platforms like TikTok and Twitter. The hashtag "Ice Spice" has over six billion views on TikTok.

His Spotify streams have also increased dramatically. A fan on Twitter pointed out that Ice Spice has more monthly streams than popular rapper J. Cole, jokingly calling his music "real music."

"Munch (Feeling' You)" hit the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and garnered a devoted fan base eagerly awaiting Ice Spice's next release.

He delivered a single, "Bikini Bottom," in October 2022, featuring a background sample from popular children's show SpongeBob SquarePants. The nostalgic and comedic aspect of the song became what people loved as it earned Ice Spice its first entry into the Urban Radio Top 20.

In early 2023, Gaston signed with 10K Projects and Capitol Records and released his first EP Like...?. He also recently had a collaboration with British singer Pink Patheress called "Boy's a Liar pt.2" which landed him a top 10 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Ice Spice's rapping style is best described as a classic Bronx exercise with a confident feminine edge. Ice Spice makes his confident nature known through his lyricism and managed to stay calm while delivering the message.

"I'm super laid back and easy going by nature about a lot of things," she said in an interview with The New York Times. "I've always been like this since I was a baby."

Mix that with his playful banter and you have an aspiring rapper that people can relate to. Simply put, Ice Spice seems to be exploding because he's a popular person.

Even her origin story as an older sister from the Bronx who drew inspiration from rappers like Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim adds to her "just one of the girls" persona. Gastón writes his own lyrics and uses them to convey that he has worked for everything he has.

Although his approach to rapping is often confident and somewhat arrogant, recent releases such as "Boy's a Liar pt. 2" and "Gangsta Boo" have revealed the rapper's romantic side and his ability to be between two worlds.

With many fans calling Ice Spice's entry into the rap scene a breath of fresh air, and the New York Times calling her "rap's new princess", Ice Spice's popularity only seems to be growing. .

Amid Drake and Ice Spice's controversy

Drake is currently making headlines after Munch's AI-generated versions of Ice Spice went viral with the rapper, seemingly upsetting him. On Friday, Drake addressed the AI ​​cover of the song, which had gone viral on social media platforms, in a now-deleted Instagram Story. The cover reads, in Drake's AI-generated voice, "Bitches ain't bad, let's keep it cool / Know they mad that I'm on the stage / It's too big, I can not." Jeans / You were my point, but it's not what it seems. On his Instagram account, the rapper wrote: "This is the ultimate AI." Ice Spice is relatively new to the rap world, but her interactions with Drake have already gone viral on the internet.

A look at all the public interactions of Drake and Ice Spice

Ice Spice spoke about meeting Drake when she attended OVO Fest

Drake and Ice Spice: Everything They've Said About Each Other

Of meeting Drake, Ice Spice said, "I had just landed in LA for my GeniusOpen Mic for 'Munch' and he actually said, 'Hey, 'Munch' is hard and your freestyle' On the Radar. ' is hard." And I said, "Damn, that's crazy because I'm in LA right now filming the open mic." She continued, "He's so nice and respectful. We went to the OVO festival. It was exciting because it was like his first concert in Toronto, I think in a few years," Ice Spice said. "So it was just a movie. Everyone was excited. The energy was high. Nicki was playing, he was on fire and flame. Wayne was doing his thing. This shit. It was crazy ".

Drake no longer followed Ice Spice after OVO Fest

When asked why Drake unfollowed her on Instagram, Ice told a tabloid, "He did. But I don't know why."

When Fans Thought Drake Dumped Ice Spice On BackOutsideBoyz

In Drake's song BackOutsideBoyz, the lyrics began: "She's got ten rap tries, she's good at it quietly." Once the song went viral, fans reported it to Ice as he unfollowed her. In response, Ice sarcastically tweeted, "At least ima 10." Ice cleared the air about it, saying in an interview that there was no cold war between her and Drake. "He said it wasn't about me," Ice said.

Ice Spice has responded after her 'sex tape' was allegedly leaked on Twitter.


Ice Spice has slammed claims that she was in a sex tape that was leaked online.
Ice Spice Responds To Alleged Sex Tape Leak - Streetz 94.5
On Tuesday, Oct. 4, the "Munch" rapper responded to rumors that she was involved in a sex tape that was allegedly leaked on Twitter.

However, he has now vehemently denied those claims of him being in an NSFW video in a new tweet, denying the claims.

The Bronx rapper said, "You want fake leaks to be as bad as me just so you can spank your dirty little meat."

This alleged video has been the subject of much speculation in recent weeks as to whether Ice Spice is the girl in the video.

NSFW would feature a girl with curly hair and a man who some netizens believe is rapper Drake, who previously revealed his love for Ice Spice.

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