As global audiences tune in to the 95th Academy Awards, the creative choice to have a champagne-colored hallway instead of a red carpet is sure to surprise viewers. But can this bold traffic move survive Hollywood's biggest night? UPDATE: He can't, and the backlash is already brewing.

"I think the decision to have a champagne carpet on a red carpet shows how confident we are that no blood will be shed," Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel joked during the opening ceremony.

Why is Oscars 2023 red carpet champagne this year?

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It's the first time since 1961 that the famous Oscars red carpet hasn't been red, one of many big changes for this year's ceremony, including a new dress code and the addition of a "team crisis" of the Oscars.


The Oscars have hired the creative team behind the annual Met Gala, this team is led by Lisa Love (former editor of Vogue) and Gala creative director Raúl Àvila.

In an interview with The Associated Press shortly after the rug was rolled out, Love said, "We chose this lovely sienna-saffron color that's reminiscent of sunset because it's sunset before its time. Golden."

However, the change appears to be causing organizers headaches. With global press crews broadcasting and publicists scouting the region ahead of the arrival of talent like Austin Butler, Lady Gaga, Michelle Yeoh and more, the carpet is already getting dirty.

Variety has heard that dirty backstage carpet stains need to be quickly cut out and replaced so no contestant notices the stains. That aside, Oscar nominee Angela Bassett is enjoying the change. "The mat is different...I don't care," Bassett told Variety. "It goes well with what I'm wearing."

Meanwhile, people online (and Oscar nominees) are having fun pointing out the potential pitfalls of this decision.

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In addition to changes such as the champagne carpet, the new carpet team has also implemented an updated dress code for staff, press and publicists. The rules were announced via email earlier in the week, which stated: "There are some design elements that we want our nominees and guests to stand out," so anyone not on camera should step out. comply with the new dress code of Blue, Keep Dark or Black


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A pristine champagne-hued cover is welcoming stars, candidates, and moderators at the 95th Foundation Grants at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles this evening. Imaginative specialists Lisa Love, a long-term Vogue patron, and Raúl Àvila, an innovative chief for the Met Occasion, refered to the distinction between the rich dark tie clothing regulation and the way that the occasion happens during the mid-evening as the purpose for the change.

Hence, the rug is covered for the current year, to some extent to shield participants and cameras from the climate, yet in addition to assist with progressing the appearances into a night occasion, per AP. Love said they explored different avenues regarding other hazier varieties prior to settling on champagne. "We picked this wonderful sienna, saffron variety that summons the nightfall, since this is the dusk before the brilliant hour," she made sense of.

Jimmy Kimmel, who is facilitating the Institute Grants, had one more clarification for the rug variety change during the stylized carrying out of the rug recently. "Individuals have been asking, 'Is there going to be any difficulty this year? Is there going to be any viciousness this year?' And we positively would like to think not," Kimmel said, kidding, "Yet assuming there is, I figure the choice to go with a champagne cover as opposed to an honorary pathway shows how certain we are that no blood will be shed."

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