Will ChatGPT Help Students Cheat Better And What's Off Limits?

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How ChatGPT helps in clearing exams? This student has an answer | Mint

In 2023, a teacher may not be able to tell if the assignment they are completing is from their student or was recorded by artificial intelligence courtesy of Chat GPT. Published by a research lab called OpenAI, Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer or ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm since its launch on November 30, 2022. With a simple prompt, AI can answer a variety of technical, creative and even philosophical. Questions.

The system works with a large amount of textual data from books, articles and websites, which allows it to generate perfect humanoid answers to user questions. From something as important as India's struggle for freedom to something as bizarre as feeding a great blue whale, the software is capable of creating typical academic papers on a variety of topics. The chatbot is also smart enough to provide you with scripts for a car commercial, radio shows about alien invasions, and lyrics for an R&B song.

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Although this type of technology existed before the release of ChatGPT, users have never experienced it so easily. Unlike many others, you don't need to crack ChatGPT to run it. This AI works by simply typing the query as if you were chatting with it. This simple interface with a well-thought-out marketing campaign was blessed with the endorsement of Elon Musk on Twitter, which made it a social media sensation in no time, attracting 2 million users in four days, a feat that took Facebook a decade. Seeing this, students all over the world jumped on the bandwagon and explored ChatGPT in search of everything they needed to do “right now”.


A system-beating bot has rendered old college 500-word research rumination projects useless. Many students understood this immediately and started using it to their advantage. “The type of theoretical work we get depends on the courses we choose. While computer scientists only have to turn in some "dirty" homework, students in subjects such as chemistry or economics can breathe a sigh of relief that much of the work can be done for them. It's like having a personal assistant,” said a computer engineering student from IIT Bombay. It's only a matter of time before you discover how the chatbot can write Java and HTML code tailored to your instructions.


AI not only eliminates the need to think during the exam, but also completely eliminates the need to think. “I recently wrote an e-mail to the administration of our university. My superiors were very impressed with the way I worded it. It wasn't until I told them the truth that they realized the email was written by AI," said another STEM student.

ChatGPT easier to use than to trust, say industry experts


ChatGPT is now also available for researchers as the tool is used to write instant summaries for research papers. Those trying their hand at creative fields like marketing and content writing can also get their starting points, if not the whole idea, from ChatGPT.

Although packed with solutions, this chatbot is easier to use than to trust, says Radha Yadav, Data Science Manager. "Language learning models aren't completely reliable when it comes to the accuracy of information. Older bots would just type in gibberish when there wasn't enough information, making it easier to spot errors. limitations. ChatGPT, on the other hand, always gives us perfectly consistent answers that seem very right, even when they are completely wrong,” he said. In addition to these anomalies, ChatGPT also includes biases present in the information on the web, giving answers that are not fully representative.

Much-hyped AI has its limits

Dreaded as a great convenience that will make young students complacent, ChatGPT is still in its infancy. Because the AI ​​relies on a limited database, it still struggles with the type of data it generates and only presents data produced up to 2021, so a task based on the latest variant of COVID-19 may not get the maximum score. Given these shortcomings, AI could see tracking implemented in Indian schools, if it sees one, Yadav said. As OpenAI CEO Sam Altman hinted, ChatGPT might even go behind a paywall after receiving an improved user interface and stripping students of its lifespan cheat sheet.

"Having ChatGPT is like having your own assistant, but it can never replace you. Students will always have to trust their brain to find something out of the box because AI is pattern-based. Although AI do 80% of the work, the 20% of the human part counts," said Arup Acharjee, assistant professor at Allahabad University.

While foolproof AI may seem like a long way off, the growing passion for ChatGPT has given many educators good reason to reconsider their approach. "When students use AI like ChatGPT to submit assignments, they may get grades, but they haven't developed skills. This will compromise the value of credentials. Our assessment systems need to ask questions smarter, beyond just information, to stay on top and avoid skill drops,” said educator Meeta Sengupta.

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