Top Best Weekend Getaways in California (2023) - Must Visit

March 28, 2023

If you want to look for a weekend trip in California, this guide embraces more than three dozen places. You can definitely go for a quick getaway, from beautiful beaches and spectacular forests to film locations and wine tastings.

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It inspires a restful and restorative experience as it lends itself to many outdoor activities and wellness amenities cavernous in the natural coastal

I have faith in that the best tactic to wellness is balance. So, while I do agree with excavating deep, finding your inner peace. And humouring your body, I also believe in finding joy over movement, physical activity, and tasting good food. This takes me to my first to-do on this perfect weekend itinerary.

Go Wine Tasting

There is no need to visit wine country to taste some of the finest wines California has to offer. I. Brand & Family Winery in Carmel Valley uses sensible farming follows to keep things simple. The organizer, Ian Brand, has even called a SF Chronicle Winemaker of the Year.

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Scratch added cool female-owned winery in Carmel Valley that you should not miss. Not only is it female-owned but the founder. Sabrine Rodems, is a winemaker who produces the Riesling, Grenache, and other sort of wine you’ll taste at Scratch. The tasting room is also well-decorated, making it the perfect framework for photos to remember your trip by.

Dine at Roux

For an attractive dining experience that sustains body, soul, and taste buds, head to Roux. Initiated by chef Fabrice Roux. who spent 12 years as a chef in Paris before coming to the United States, Roux delivers the perfect dining experience with an kindness to both taste and atmosphere.

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Keep in mind that Roux only receives cash and Venmo, NOT credit cards or any other methods of payment.

Go For Hike in Big Sur

Most individuals drive by the notorious Big Sur landmarks like the Bixby Creek Bridge. They pull over, find a spot to park their car, click some photos, and remain on their way. But Big Sur has so much to bid that you won’t experience if you aren’t travelling on foot.

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It is recommended going for a hike with Big Sur Guides, which initiated a guy named Steven who has been offering directed hikes of the area since the ’70s.

There is way which takes you to the Partington Canyon and Partington Cove trail in the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. The area is unique and these two hikes complement one added well. While the Partington Canyon hike offers sights of the Redwoods, the Partington Cove trail leads you to the ocean where ships would passage Redwood lumber that listed from the forest.

In total, the whole hike was approximately 1.9 miles, which was seamless for a little physical activity and a lot of fresh, clean air. Big Sur Guides is accommodating and will change tours for you to suit the weather, day, personal preference, and fitness level.

The directed hike costs $145, which comprises a sandwich lunch from Big Sur Deli.

Unwind in the Pools at Refuge

Refuge is the beautiful place to relax those muscles after any hike or physical activity. They delivers a unique outdoor spa practice comprehensive with steam rooms, saunas, cold plunge pools, and hot pools. There are also stress-free areas with Adirondack chairs and fire pits Keep in mind that Refuge is a silent facility and you won’t be able to use your phone. So, unplug and enjoy their incomparable spa and wellness services all while taking in the lovely views of the Santa Lucia Mountains. , it’s the perfect and peaceable way to end any day.

Equine Experience at Carmel Valley Ranch

This experience was the best thing I did in Monterey County, and I’m not embellishing. Part of my wellness weekend itinerary in Monterey involved this immersive and cooperating equine experience centred around conclusion joy.

In your hunt and finding of joy, you’re paired up with a horse so you can hang out with and cooperate with them. And approaching from a horse town (Saratoga Springs, NY), being around horses was something I thrilled.

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The activity involved other pieces like writing down positive messages, adorning a designated space with objects (I chose a hula hoop, microphone, and a ball), and leading your horse through an complicated course.

This experience ran deep and it brought my inner child to the exterior. It was such a cool and advanced way to realize joys like I once did as a child. And besides being relaxing and joyful, it’s also such a unique and feel-good experience that I couldn’t recommend enough.

“Big Little Lies” E-Bike Tour

Monterey County related with one very widespread show: Big Little Lies. If you’ve seen this show, you know the feelings that you can expect from Monterey County. And if you’re a fan, I couldn’t endorse the “Big Little Lies” E-bike tour with Big Sur Adventures more.


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The E-bike tour undertook popular locations like Lovers Point Park. where you’ll see the fake coffee shop used for Big Little Lies), Kissing Rock, the Great Tide Pool, the John Denver Memorial (where he passes away), the sea lions and seals at Cabrillo Point, and so many more facts of interest.