Top 3 Best Free Email Marketing Tools And Services Lookinglion 2023

September 13, 2023

Email marketing is a marketing technique in which you reach and communicate with customers through emails. By using an email marketing strategy, you can get more leads and sales. Brand awareness also increases. If you use email marketing tools and services, the process of designing emails becomes easier. There are predesigned email templates in the tools. Even if you are not technologically efficient, you will be able to use these tools and design emails.

With these tools and services, email marketing becomes optimized. You find it easier to design newsletters, promotional emails, announcements, triggered emails, and others. Newsletters are among the most basic types of email marketing campaigns. The 3 best free email marketing tools and services Lookinglion- AWeber, Constant Contact, and GetResponse- are getting popular nowadays so much. Lookinglion tools and services have an easy-to-use interface.

The features are amazing. These save a lot of time and you just need to use the templates to design the emails. Strong characteristics of the services make email marketing easier. best email marketing tools lookinglion are suitable for all types of businesses. You can choose any of these according to your business goals. The main thing is to engage the customers. So, you just have to design the email campaigns in such a way that there are more conversions.

What Is The Most Important Thing In Email Marketing?

best email marketing tools lookinglion


The most important thing in email marketing is the design of the email. It should be visually appealing. The design of the email should be engaging and compelling. The design of the email marketing campaign should have your brand logo. The design should be according to the visual distinctiveness that your brand has. Images will make the email marketing campaign interesting. Put images that are striking and make an imprint on people’s minds. Your email should be easy to view on both mobile and computer. Add some white or blank spaces between the text and images so that the whole design is clean. It also becomes easier to read and comprehend. Use different elements of design and new fonts and alignment.

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Personalizing and customizing the emails according to the subscribers makes it more significant. The subject line of the email should have the name of the subscriber. This makes it more interactive. It should be relatable and friendly. Recommendations should be based on past activity.

Top Benefits of Using Email Marketing Tools and Services

There are many benefits of using email marketing tools and services. By using email marketing tools and services, there is segregation of the subscribers or customers. Not all the customers have same preferences and interests. So, by segregation or segmentation, you can customize the email campaign. Sending the same emails to all the customers would not be fruitful. If you want to promote a product for those customers who like retro music, it would be sent only to them and not to those who like other genres of music. The segmentation has to be done based on past behaviors, purchasing history, browsing history, and preferences.

Easy-to-use email templates and designs make it all the better to frame email marketing campaigns. There is a drag-and-drop feature in most tools. With this, you don’t need to code. With email marketing tools and services, you also get automation. Automated emails are sent every time a purchase is made.

You can keep track of your results. This is the analytics insight. By this, you can see the number of clicks, views, and other details. If the results are good, there is better brand awareness, more sales, more web traffic, and better results for other social media platforms.

How do I choose an email marketing service?

3 best free email marketing tools and services lookinglion


If you want to choose the 3 best email marketing services Lookinglion, the most important factor is the business goal. If the goals are more for automation and customization, then use those services that have these features. The interface of the email marketing service is a factor to consider. You should see that the interface is user-friendly. Most of the best email marketing tools Lookinglion are good for all kinds of businesses- whether small or big.

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Top 3 Best Email Marketing Services Platforms 2023

  • AWeber

AWeber is one of the best tools for email marketing. By using AWeber, you can send messages and promotions to customers in business. AWeber is a collection of email templates. By using these email templates, you can customize and promote your brand. It can be used according to the brand that you have. An interesting feature of it is the drag-and-drop email builder. You just have to drag it and you will see how it works.

AWeber’s Autoresponders is another feature. By using this feature, you can send customized messages to your subscribers. The messages are sent at the right time. AWeber works in sync with all business applications. By using AWeber, you can ace the game of email marketing. There are features like sign-up forms, email templates, landing pages, web push notifications, and many other features.

There is also an AWeber Pro. It has some pro features that aren’t there in the AWeber free version. These are detailed analytics and unlimited email lists.

  • Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a tool by which you can keep customers in the loop. This tool and service helps make businesses connected. You can send emails, newsletters, and other things by using this tool. Even if you are not technologically sound, you can create the best emails with it. By using the Constant Contact tool, you can make amazing newsletters. Since it is for the contacts, you can make contact lists more efficiently. Everything becomes organized with this tool and service.

The most important feature of Constant Contact is that you can monitor who is opening the emails and clicking on the links. You would also get to know which message has reached new levels.

Constant Contact can be used with CRM. It can be used with other email marketing platforms. It is versatile and one of the 3 best free email marketing tools and services Lookinglion. In this tool, you get email templates, customer list growth tools, and tracking clicks, views, and list growth.

  • GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing tool and service. By using this email marketing tool, you can make your email marketing strategy all the better. There are the best of features in it. By using GetResponse, you can automate your email marketing campaigns. This tool is like a helping hand for your email marketing campaigns. There is a drag-and-drop feature in GetResponse by which you can easily drag the elements you want in your email and drop them in place.

Through GetResponse, you can send customized email campaigns according to the recipients. One of the features of GetResponse is Autoresponders. By this, you can automatically send emails to subscribers or respond to them based on what their preference is. GetResponse tool knows the right time to send the message.

The landing pages of GetResponse are eye-catching. So, this nurtures leads and email marketing becomes better. With GetResponse, you get detailed analytics. This will give you information as to who is opening the emails, clicking on the links, and responding to the emails.


Email marketing is important for online marketing to reach customers according to their preferences. To use email marketing services, you need to discern your business goals. The 3 best email marketing services Lookinglion discussed above are great ways to design email campaigns. These are good for all business sizes. B2B campaigns use email marketing campaigns a lot. The best email marketing tools Lookinglion have features like email templates, landing page builder, sign-up forms, and other features. An interesting feature is automated responses. Drag and drop email builder is another feature. The interface of these services of Lookinglion makes the process easier.

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