Top Best SEO Keyword Research Tools In 2023

April 11, 2023

SEO Keyword research is important for increasing traffic on your website. It helps in writing perfect content to increase search traffic. A keyword research tool gives you topic ideas that people search for the most on search engines like Google and Amazon. You get content ideas for which your customers are looking for. You can then use content SEO strategy and write blog posts.

8 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO


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SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO toolkit. It helps you carry out SEO keyword research. You can then improve your SEO rankings. Using this tool, you can type a keyword and then get a full representation of everything. This consists of how many people search for this particular keyword and whether it has that much popularity or not. Then, you can get a list of other similar keywords. You would get organic search results. You can then see where your competitors rank for that keyword. You can also see Google Ads that are using that keyword in PPC advertising. If you click on the Organic Research Tab, you would see significant keywords. You would also see your competitor’s search engine ranking positions, which is serps. You would see the traffic value. It shows keyword trends.


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This research tool works quite differently as compared to other research tools. They show keywords in a visual representation. You don’t require to make an account for using it. You can type in a keyword. The keyword results are from Google’s autosuggest features. You can search for these keywords in Google. This will show the content ranking for those keywords. This tool has a free version. But if you do SEO  keyword research regularly, then you should go for a pro plan.


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Ahrefs is a research tool that has features like SEMrush. You can type a keyword in the search box. Then, you will see a list of keyword ideas. You can use Ahrefs to see those keywords that your competitors are ranking for. You can create new content using those keywords. Ahrefs also has a function to let you see keyword movements in search queries. Ahrefs also has PPC keywords for ads.

Google Keyword Planner

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This tool is for those who want to run their ads on Google. This is a free tool to use. You can create an account. You can then type in any keyword. And you would get data about the monthly searches for that keyword. You will also get a list of related keyword ideas. You can discover new keywords. There are options for filtering the keyword suggestions. This is in “Refine keywords” option. You will see filters based on your initial keyword.

Long Tail Pro

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It is a premium research tool. It gives an outline of data about your keyword. It has a focus on your ranking with your competitors on the first page of Google. You can see top results in search engines for your keyword. You can see where you rank against your competitor. You can type particular keywords that you want to keep a track of. You can then see how your content ranking for those keywords changes with time.


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Serpstat is a great research tool. You can see the top Google results for your keyword. So, there would the site that appears in the featured snippet as the first result. You can get details about your competitors for that keyword. You will also get information of how visible they are. Serpstat has a full SEO suite. It also has website analytics, SERP analysis, and backlink analysis and website audit. It is an all-in-one solution. It can give you an understanding of competition by suing the competitor graph feature. You can find keyword difficulty and trends.

Keyword Surfer

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It is from Surfer SEO. It is a Chrome extension. It is free to use. It is also very easy to use. You can install the Chrome extension. Then you can run a Google search for your keyword. You will also see the monthly search volume. You will also see the cost per click for Google ad campaigns. You will see information about your competitors on that keyword. You will see the monthly traffic for their domain. You will also see the number of times that particular keyword is used. You will also see an array of possible keyword ideas. You can see potential keywords and content ideas.

Rank Tracker

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This is the most accurate tool for keyword research. It is not like those tools that are available online. It needs to be downloaded on the computer. It requires your email address. With Rank Tracker, you will get WebSite Auditor, LinkAssistant, and SEO SpyGlass. To use it, you would have to enter your website URL. Then, Rank Tracker will show you those keywords for which you are ranking at a good position. This consists of where your post receives that extra visibility. For new keywords, you can click on the Keyword Research tab. You will get many options there. You can click on Keyword Gap to look for those keywords that your competitors are ranking for and you aren’t.

By Bhawna