What Are Examples Of Unpopular Opinions?

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What are examples of unpopular opinions?

Funny Unpopular Opinions

  • All purple clothing should be burned.
  • Running is an enjoyable hobby.
  • It's not weird to drink pickle juice out of the jar.
  • Weddings are uniformly dull.
  • Seltzer companies should rebrand all products as "spicy water."
  • People who hate cats have an issue with women.
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Notice: If you are an ultra die hard leftist, or anywhere left of center please be warned: This question asks for controversial opinions! So don’t call me evil if you disagree. You have been warned.

I think that men and women have equally hard lives. Men probably have it worse in the Western World.

I’ve recently seen a lot of people saying, “I’m glad I’m not a girl because they have it so hard!”

But I think that’s bullshit.

Whenever my sisters do something wrong, my parents believe their side of the story. And I live in a Conservative household.

My parents have vowed to help both my sisters pay for college while they told me that I need to work two jobs if I want to go to college. Did I mention I have the best grades out of three siblings?

A disproportionate percentage of men are:

  • Homeless
  • Homicide Victims
  • Victims of Violent Crime

Don’t believe me? Well, because everyone puts so much faith in polls and statistics, then let me prove it to you:

Answered 2 years ago Evelyn HarperEvelyn Harper