Who Went To The Super Bowl With Taylor Swift?

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Taylor Swift has her best pals close by as she roots for her sweetheart Travis Kelce at the 2024 Super Bowl.

Who Went To The Super Bowl With Taylor Swift?

Subsequent to wrapping her Periods Visit in Tokyo the other day, the "Final plan" vocalist streamed off to Allegiant Arena to watch the Kansas City Bosses take on the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

Wearing an all-dark outfit and a red coat hung over her shoulders, Swift was seen showing up with her folks and a portion of her dearest companions, including Blake Vivacious who recently went to a game with Swift in October 2023.

The major event denotes Swift thirteenth Kansas City Bosses game, which incidentally turns out to be her fortunate number. Since opening up to the world about her relationship with Kelce, Swift has been spotted supporting the tight end, carrying her superstar companions to games and furthermore blending with Kelce's family and dearest companions in the suite.

Here’s a look at everyone sitting with Swift at the 2024 Super Bowl.

Here’s a look at everyone sitting with Swift at the 2024 Super Bowl.

Blake Lively

Taylor Swift enjoys girls' night out with Blake Lively amid Travis Kelce  dating rumors

Swift brought close by her long-term companion entertainer Blake Enthusiastic to the game. The Tattle Young lady alum was seen shaking tight twists and a red tracksuit as she showed up at the arena with Swift .

Vivacious and her significant other Ryan Reynolds recently joined Swift for a Kansas City Bosses game in October 2023 as the group played the New York Planes at MetLife Arena. During the game, Swift and Enthusiastic were seen fooling around in the suite as they kidded about the players on the field.

Ice Spice

Taylor Swift makes awkward introduction between Ice Spice and Jason Kelce  at Super Bowl | Marca

The artist was likewise joined by rapper Ice Zest, who as of late teamed up with Swift on her "Karma" remix for her Grammy-winning Midnights collection. The rapper brandished her particular red twists with a long dark turtleneck dress.

Ice Flavor has gone to a modest bunch of grant shows close by Swift in the beyond couple of months, remembering the MTV VMAs for September 2023 and the 2024 Grammys, where they were up for best pop pair/bunch execution.


Taylor Swift's Super Bowl squad! Blake Lively brings the glamour alongside  rapper Ice Spice as singer brings her A-list besties to cheer on Travis  Kelce | Daily Mail Online

Ice Flavor additionally brought along her music maker RIOTUSA for the major event. He was seen strolling before Swift , Ice Zest and Exuberant as they entered the arena.

RIOTUSA has blended with Swift at a small bunch of industry occasions, including the 2023 MTV VMAs where they sat close to one another and the 2024 Grammys, where Swift and Ice Zest were both up for enormous honors.

Ashley Avignone

Taylor Swift kisses Travis Kelce on the field after his Chiefs beat 49ers  in the Super Bowl | Ap-sports | wfmz.com

Another of Swift long-lasting companions at the Super Bowl was beautician and architect Ashley Avignone (imagined right at a previous game). Avignone matched her unpolished sway with cool dark shades, a cylinder top, dark jeans and a Kansas City Bosses coat in her arms.

Avignone and Swift go way back after purportedly meeting through their common companion Emma Stone. Throughout the long term, Avignone has gone to endless occasions with Swift and was as of late close by as the Kansas City Bosses took on the New Britain Loyalists in December 2023.

Andrea Swift

Andrea Swift

Swift was additionally seen showing up with her mother Andrea Swift who wore all dark like her girl, adding a Bosses red pop of variety through her scarf.

Swift's mother recently joined her for a game on Christmas day as the Kansas City Bosses took on the Las Vegas Thieves.

Scott Swift

Scott Swift

The vocalist was likewise joined by her father Scott Swift for the major event. However he's a long-lasting Philadelphia Falcons fan, he was decked out in Kansas City Bosses merchandise to pay tribute to his little girl's beau.

Swift's father has gone to a small bunch of Kansas City Bosses games with the vocalist since she opened up to the world about Kelce. As well as going to the group's Christmas day game, where he blended with Kelce's folks in the suite, he additionally shook out with Kelce at Swift 's Periods Visit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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