Etsy 429 Error And Solution: Etsy 429 Too Many Requests Error

September 04, 2023

Etsy is a global e-commerce business where people make, buy, and sell products like clothing, gifts, digital things, jewelry, interior designing and decorative items, and statues. Etsy is a great place for entrepreneurs to sell their products. Small businesses benefit a lot from Etsy. Etsy has focused on sustainability towards the environment. Etsy was created in 2005. Many errors occur while using Etsy.  Etsy 429 Too many requests error is one of these. It means that the users are sending too many requests to the site in a short duration of time. Other reasons for the error can be using a VPN to connect to the site. If you have some add-ons on the browser, the site can show the error. It might be possible that your account has been flagged and Etsy has blocked you. Most of the time, it happens by mistake. Etsy 429 Too many requests error is temporary. It is to save the server from too much traffic that can slow down the running of the website. There is a request rate limit set by Etsy servers. If it gets exceeded by the users, it can lead to the Etsy 429 too many requests. Other reasons for the error are- the server is down and internet connection is not fast, and your ISP is being blocked by the site.

What Do Too Many Requests Mean In Etsy?

etsy 429 too many requests error


Too many requests in Etsy is 429 too many requests error. When the user sends too many requests on Etsy, it can lead to a 429 error. The reason can be that your account has been flagged. Or, your requests limit has been set to a low number like 0 or 1. If you use a VPN for using the Etsy site, then also the Etsy 429 too many requests error can occur. Etsy site might be down- so you might be facing the error. If the cookies and cache of the browser are not cleared, there can be this error.

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Top Solutions to Fix a 429 Error on Etsy

How to fix error 429 Too many requests is now the question. There are some ways by which you can fix a 429 error on Etsy. You can disable the add-ons on the browser. Then, sign in to the account after some time. Or, you can wait for some time until the error clears out. Clearing browser cookies and cache can fix the error. You can also use a different browser. Maybe the browser is not updated and that’s why Etsy 429 too many requests taking place. The internet connection might not be stable. If you are using a VPN, turning it off can help. Etsy doesn’t like VPN usage as some people use it against the terms and conditions of Etsy.

Turning off ad blockers can help fix the issue. Running the Etsy site on mobile can help fix the issue. And make sure you use mobile data and not Wi-Fi. If you are using a computer, then restart your modem or router. You can also contact customer support to know how to fix 429 too many requests. You can check the server status of Etsy. Updating the Etsy app can also help.

Why Is Etsy Not Letting Me Check Out?

etsy 429 too many requests error


If Etsy is not letting you check out, then it might be possible that you entered some wrong information- like a bank account, your location, or anything else. Or, there can be some problem with the seller’s shop that you are buying from. The shop might be on vacation mode. The problem can also be with your location. Maybe your location is blocked by Etsy. Sometimes, the payment transaction might not be taking place if the credit card is blocking the transaction. Another reason can be that the process of finishing the checkout has not been done properly or some steps have been missed. If every step has been followed, then your order might be in processing. There can also be some technology glitches that might be preventing you from checking out like the Etsy 429 Too many requests error.

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How Do I Fix 429 Too Many Requests on Etsy?

429 too many requests is a client-side error. Other names for the error are 429 Error, HTTP 429, 429 too many requests, and Error 429 (Too Many Requests). These are also ways in which the error would show on the screen. There are always limits on how many requests can be sent on Etsy. If there are too many requests in a short duration of time, the error occurs. If a user is using the wrong credentials, an error can occur. The easiest way to fix the error is by clearing cookies and cache of the browser. The reason that the error occurs is that the user has sent so many requests. So, apparently, the way to resolve is to limit the requests. Also, checking the internet connection is important. An unstable internet connection can lead to an error, If the browser has not been updated, the error can occur.

Server issues can lead to the 429 error. Server issues can occur because of the hardware or CPU overheating. Technical glitches can cause server issues. To prevent technical glitches, checking the internet connection and browser settings can help. After some time, the glitch clears out. VPN can also be a cause of technical glitches. On e-commerce websites, it is common that technical glitches happen many times. Error 429 is a technological error.

Another way to fix 429 too many requests is by waiting for the error to subside. When you can’t decide what to do, then the best thing is to wait. You can sign in to the account again after some time.

VPN is an important element when talking about the 429 error. Mostly, Etsy doesn’t allow some VPNs. Some VPNs do not work as these don’t hide your location. Some of the VPNs can be used for Etsy. But many times, the 429 error occurs when you use the VPN. So, it is good to not use the VPN.

By Bhawna