March 28, 2023

Great White Shark swims by

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A 59- year- old Australian traveler was killed by a shark on Sunday (February 19) near a seashore in the French Pacific land of New Caledonia. At the time of his death, the man was swimming close to a platform and was 150 meters away from the coast when the shark attacked, said the authorities. The event took place in the wealth Noumea.

Two people who were sailing their boat close hurried to help him and transported him back to the beach where spare services tried to save him. The shark had bitten the man resultant in major bite injuries on his leg and both arms.

He died at the scene despite getting a cardiac massage.

Many people were in the water at the time and saw the incident at the Chateau Royal beach and police expatriate the area.

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Noumea’s mayor, Sonia Lagarde, ordered the closing of most beaches in the area and the capture of tiger sharks and bull sharks in nearby waters.

Buzzes were deployed to track them and two were seeing before processes were suspended at nightfall, police said.

A 49-year-old swimmer was tremendously hurt by a shark last month, also near the Chateau-Royal beach.

A surfer was also criticized by a shark a few days later but run-away without damage.

Fear of the ocean and fear of a lethal shark attack is pretty common. But what really are the probabilities of a shark attack on surfers? Well, we’ve put together a map of shark attacks all over the world.

If you ever observed Jaws as a kid and had that notorious ominous riff expressively planted into your brain, it’s not surprising that you might have thoughts about what unknown risks stalk underneath the insincere of the aquatic.

With all the media panic nearby the oceans apex marauder it’s easy to demonise sharks without really sympathetic why shark attacks occur. Our goal with this article is to help lean-to a little light on these captivating creatures and discharge the legend that you’re likely to be eaten by a shark.

SHARK ATTACK 2018-2019

We’ve put composed a shark attack map for 2018 – 2019 using the data from Global Shark Attacked File (GSAF) produced by the Shark Research Centre. If you click upon the images on the map you’ll find more info about each shark attack, such as what type of attack, type of shark, who was attacked etc. If an icon is set to and area inland rather than a coastal site it is likely that the events location cannot be found.


The query that many people would like to know the answer to is, just how likely is it that you’d be eaten by a shark and how many shark attacks on surfers are there? University of FL’s Museum of Natural History the chances of demise by shark in your aera are 1 in 3,748,067.

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There were 119 incidents of stated human and shark connections across the world and the numbers have tumbled since 2017. Out of the total number of incidents in 2018, 88 were gratuitous and 12 motivated.

Of the rest of the 19 cases, 5 were dubious as to whether they were even a shark attack, 9 were inacceptable cases where the cause wasn’t due to a shark attack such as one case where the injury was supposed to be caused by an eel, and 4 connecting vessels, plus 1 that’s still under inspection.

Out of the inacceptable incidents one was supposed to be most likely caused by barracuda, not a shark and another where there was no injury or attack but considered an “encounter”.
Even just scanning through the various entries on the shark attack map above you soon get the impression that there are less gratuitous thoughtful shark attacks than you’d envision.


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The truth is that deadly shark attacks are very rare, with only few deadly attacks universal in 2018. The media hysteria surrounding sharks plays on people’s fears of marauders that lie under the superficial of the sea. This donates to a deep mistake of a creature that is critical to the bionetwork of the marine.



Australia and the USA were way out in obverse of the other countries for gratuitous shark attacks in 2018 with 27 attacks behind injuries and 1 deadly attack. Of the other countries, Bahamas had 5 gratuitous attacks at the same time as South Africa had 5. There were deadly attacks Brazil, Egypt, Mexico and Jamaica.

So distant in 2019, the USA has had 11 gratuitous shark bouts with Australia having 5. Brazil and Mexico saw 1 gratuitous attack each and have been 2 mortalities in Gathering Island.


Out of the gratuitous deadly attacks in 2018, 2 were bathers, 1 was snorkelling, 1 was diving, 1 spearfishing and 1 boogie boarder. Though there were no surfers that hurt a deadly attack you can reflect boogie embarkation attractive much related to channel-surfing as an activity.

There have been two gratuitous deadly shark attacks so far in 2019 both in Gathering Island. He was improving fish tricks when he was criticized by a Tiger Shark.