Digital Marketing for Manufacturers Step By Step Guide

November 28, 2023



In this article, you will learn the digital marketing for manufacturers, learn the basics and get a better idea . Whether or not digital marketing can be a good investment for your business.


Marketing experts are often in favor to the creation of proposals and presentations of responsible materials and fairs. But in the last decade, and especially in the last few years, transforming companies that have invested in modernizing their marketing, even if incrementally, have achieved measurable results. In this article, we discuss the many aspects of a digital marketing program for manufacturing, including who, what, where, why, when, and how.


Why Should manufacturers go digital using marketing?


Digital Marketing for Manufacturers




While traditional sales and marketing tactics (trade shows, networking, word of mouth) remain one piece of the puzzle, the growing online segment is. As young engineers and technical buyers assume increasingly influential and responsible positions, these industrial customers are increasingly seeking information online. Most would rather find a website to answer their technical questions than call a vendor representative they've never spoken to before.


That's not a bad thing What. What. They will still be interested in speaking with your representative, but only after they have established that they can trust your brand, products and/or services based on what they have discovered on their own. While not long ago engineers wanted to browse the new databooks that their vendors left in their offices in printed and bound volumes, today's engineers want to find datasheets, specifications, features and all the information about their products. online, whether you work in the office or from home.


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Inbound and outbound digital marketing for manufacturers


With inbound marketing, you can create content on your website specifically tailored to the needs, challenges, and problems of your best prospects, drawing them to your website when they're looking for a solution. Whether they find you early in the research phase or later in the buying cycle when they are ready to engage with a supplier, engaging them throughout the process will lay the foundation for a promising sales future.


Outbound activities can be a good complement to inbound digital marketing in the manufacturing sector. For example, sponsorships, special booths at trade shows, and other promotional activities can expose your brand to those who may need your products in the future, even on the sidelines. So when they search for a solution and your site appears in the search results, confirming "I've heard of this before" can make them more likely to click through to your site.


How inbound marketing works for manufacturers?


Today, industrial manufacturers and B2B buyers make the majority of decisions of purchase before you even meet . themselves. He spoke to sales. Inbound marketing is about ensuring your website does its job, appearing in your target audience's searches, attracting visitors and encouraging them to get in touch when needed.


Instead of or in addition to putting a lot of time and resources into outbound marketing (which by its nature can only be targeted because you don't know where people are in the buying cycle), inbound marketing means you put a lot of emphasis on it, to capture the attention of potential buyers looking for solutions like yours and provide them with high-quality training content that increases their confidence in your skills and experience. Instead of convincing your audience, allow them to review your training content as well as the features, specifications, case studies, and company information on your website at their own pace so they can easily evaluate themselves. between your audience and your audience. needs and your offering.


What type of digital marketing program is right for a manufacturing company?


Rather than choosing between a predefined digital marketing program As typically offered by digital marketing agencies or SEO agencies, your best bet is to identify what you need to achieve and then create a custom digital marketing program tailored to your needs. How to get there.


The goal for most of our B2B OEM and industrial manufacturer clients is to generate more qualified leads through their websites and digital marketing. Some also have goals related to their e-commerce capabilities that serve as a complement to larger orders, allow repeat customers to easily reorder specific pieces, and can serve as an online catalog and/or starting point for custom orders. Ultimately, it's about creating a digital marketing program that generates more MQLs (qualified marketing leads that you can nurture until they have a specific need), SQLs (qualified sales leads ready to purchase), and/or online purchases . /div>


The overall marketing plan and specific goals of your production company will give you an idea of what the digital marketing component should look like to help you achieve your goals.


Good advice: avoid getting carried away by the latest technologies just because they are beautiful and fashionable (geofence was in fashion at the time). It wasn't that long ago, but in recent years it rarely made sense). ). world of B2B industrial manufacturing) and stick to what helps you achieve your goals.


How to create a digital marketing strategy for manufacturing?


To create a powerful digital marketing strategy for a B2B industrial or manufacturing company, you need to start with your overall marketing plan and objectives. If you haven't yet clearly defined your goals, start there and make them specific, measurable and achievable.


Clearly explain who your marketing is aimed at. Have an ICP (ideal customer profile, the companies that fit your offerings) and clearly identified senior personas (the people who are part of the purchasing teams of these companies). Our article on how to simplify this process will help you get started.


Clarify your positioning and the most important keywords. New visitors to your website or those interacting with your digital marketing for the first time should be able to quickly understand what your business offers and who it is aimed at. To rank well in the most important searches for your business, identify your main keywords, make sure they are relevant to your best customers as well as your company's core offerings and growth plan, and make sure they are relevant to your business . high visibility conditions.


Evaluate your site and make sure it loads quickly, has a good content strategy and user experience and creates trust in the eyes of visitors. Make sure interested prospects have the ability to easily contact your sales team when they're ready to talk. You need to make sure that your website offers opportunities for MQL conversions. (If you'd like to learn some basic tips on website design and developing load times and calls to action, check out our articles on web basics and creating high-volume CTA conversions.)


Evaluate your current performance and identify quick wins for improvements that are easy to implement and provide greater value for the effort required. Identify longer projects that may take longer to complete but offer greater rewards.


Identifying the tactics and channels you create based on your experience or previous research will bring benefits. Engage your audience in your educational and marketing content and encourage them to engage or take the next step.


Incorporate all of the above into a three-month implementation plan. Larger, higher priority updates are addressed first, while larger efforts are rolled out gradually. Always remember to favor quality over quantity. A small number of qualified, targeted leads contributes more to your success than a large number of unqualified leads.


The best digital marketing tactics for manufacturers


There is no single solution. all approaches to the work of all producers. However, we cooperate with many B2B industrial manufacturing companies and some models are common.


In most cases, the more specific you are about your target audience and the keywords you use, the better. Your customers are typically a niche audience with very specific needs, and you won't benefit from casting a wide net.


Assuming you've covered the basics of basis and that you have a With a good understanding of your target audience and a solid business positioning, your digital marketing program for manufacturing will be successful by incorporating several important overlapping tactics:


Your website


Your website is the center of your digital marketing program. If the site is in poor condition, take the time to fix it before doing anything else. Your website should clearly indicate your location on the home page and provide easy access to information about your products or services, relevant information about your key sectors/industries, case studies (if applicable) and company information, as well as easy-to-access information shapes. . For further information or to speak to the sales office.


Content marketing


The content it is the information contained on the pages of your website that explain your products, services and important company information, but content marketing is an additional layer. This is content designed to educate, inform and inspire your best customers and is often the most likely content to appear in search results. Content marketing for manufacturers must remain relevant to your offering and engage with the interests and needs of your target audience. Examples might include articles, buying guides, specification guides, research articles, white papers, or other downloadable content, as well as videos, webinars, training programs, and email campaigns. The best content marketing programs leverage content across a variety of media and platforms. Learn more about the importance of content marketing for industrial marketing teams.


Search engine optimization


SEO aims to ensure that your website content and content marketing efforts are aligned to appear in search results for the right audiences. If you write a paper on a specific, nuanced topic, you'll likely attract the attention of a very intrepid and focused researcher, but to appear as competitive as possible, you'll need to concentrate a little. Optimization efforts. This can include on-page SEO (related to your website) and off-page SEO (such as listing your URL in relevant directories and publications). Here's a more in-depth look at on-page and off-page SEO.


Email marketing


Email nurturing campaigns are a great way to stay top of mind with prospects who are already on your marketing list, either because they are past customers or because they engaged with your marketing content and converted to MQLs . In general, avoid sending purely promotional emails; Instead, try sending valuable content to your best prospects. Sometimes this may include information and presentations of new products as they may be useful to your specific audience, but avoid an explicit sales pitch.


Social media


Social media for digital marketing is more effective on some channels than others. YouTube is ideal for hosting and distributing video content, such as product demonstrations or how-to videos. LinkedIn isn't a place where many engineers hang out often, but you can catch the attention of other procurement team members there. Social media can be a great way to spread the word about your content marketing.




How to do marketing for a manufacturing company?


Content marketing. One common marketing strategy for manufacturing companies is content marketing. ...
Trade shows and events. ...
Partnerships and collaborations. ...
Social media marketing. ...
Search engine optimization. ...
Pay-per-click advertising.


Why digital marketing is important for manufacturing industry?


This can result in increased brand loyalty, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, more sales. These are the essential types of digital marketing for manufacturers that want to increase their online visibility, attract more traffic, and ultimately drive more sales.


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