Can You Move Your Arms In An Off The Shoulder Wedding Dress?

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If you are a bride who has just started shopping for her wedding dress and is wondering about different styles and silhouettes of wedding dresses, this guide is for you! These tips and tricks are especially helpful for brides who are considering or have purchased a strapless wedding dress. off the shoulder wedding dress with sleeves are currently very fashionable and are becoming more and more popular among wedding dress designers and brides.

off the shoulder wedding dress with sleeves

Some of the most common reasons why brides choose off the shoulder wedding dress with sleeves are the beautiful look of this style of dress and also the ability to hide the arm . The desire to cover or hide your arms is one of a bride's biggest insecurities and we hear it all the time from Lovella brides. If you're a bride who feels insecure with her arms, consider an off-the-shoulder wedding dress. However, you need to know the restrictions and other factors to consider when wearing an off-the-shoulder wedding dress.

Off the shoulder wedding dresses offer a fun design element and are a style that won't go out of style anytime soon. Today we're sharing our top tips that brides should consider before purchasing an off-the-shoulder wedding dress or bridal gown. We have the information brides need when it comes to wearing an off-the-shoulder wedding dress on their wedding day.

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Beauty before the highlight

At Lovella we have many brides who fall in love with an off the shoulder wedding dress with sleeves or perhaps arrive at the appointment knowing they want to try on this style of wedding dress. We often hear comments from these brides that they don't feel completely confident in this style of wedding dress. When considering off-the-shoulder wedding dresses, it's important to consider that you won't get the same type or level of support as you would with a traditional strap that goes over the shoulder like a bra or camisole.

off the shoulder wedding dress with sleeves

Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses do not come with straps that offer a lot of support. These straps are not intended to support your wedding dress or support the weight of your wedding dress. You will need to ask your seamstress to make sure your wedding dress fits properly during the alteration process so that it fits your body like a strapless wedding dress.

Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are designed more for detail than functionality. The straps are more of an additional design element than a functional detail of the dress.


Another important aspect to consider for off the shoulder wedding dresses is mobility or movement on the wedding day. Brides who are considering wearing an off-the-shoulder wedding dress should keep in mind that there are slight movement restrictions in this style of wedding dress. With this type of straps, brides are unable to raise their arms completely. For some brides this may not be an issue, but if you are a dancer or like to hug, it is something to keep in mind. Any movement that is too abrupt or too strong can tear the fabric or even cause the straps of the wedding dress to fall off.


When purchasing an off-the-shoulder wedding dress, brides see a few Different shape design options in terms of construction and functionality for this bracelet. Some straps are attached to the body of the wedding dress with elastic wrapped around a button to allow a little more freedom of movement.

Another option is to sew the straps to the body of the dress. We like to recommend this style because you can ask your seamstress to add elastic to the strap so it wraps around your arm below your shoulder. This gives brides a little more versatility, as you can move the strap up to your shoulder and make it a true crossbody bag. This style of bracelet is a little more functional and gives brides a two-in-one look on their wedding day.

Tips to consider before buying an off-the-shoulder wedding dress

You should definitely get into account. Watch the attached video if you are a bride who loves the style and look of an off the shoulder wedding dress. Our wedding fashion expert will explain the different ways to wear an off-the-shoulder wedding dress and give you all the tips to consider before buying an off-the-shoulder wedding dress.

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