Did Kim Kardashian’s Social Media Post Likely To Improve Donald Trump?

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Kim Kardashian has spoken out against what she sees as an injustice against a man whose sentence was commuted by former President Donald Trump.
Kim Kardashian highlights Donald Trump's order in favour of a 'broken man'
Taking to Instagram on Sunday, the reality TV star shared a news article saying the Justice Department will prosecute Philip Esformes despite the previous government commuting his sentence.

According to the report, Esformes was released from prison in December 2020 after spending four and a half years behind bars.

According to the report, Trump gave her a chance to rebuild her life after paying off a debt to the country.
Kim Kardashian's social media post likely to improve Donald Trump's image
Kim Kardashian's Instagram post came just days after Trump was indicted by a New York court.

His message should help Trump polish his image.

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