Did Taylor Swift Go To The Patriots Game Today?

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Swifties" cheered. Taylor Swift was in the house for Nationalists Bosses.

The pop whiz showed up at Gillette Arena evening on Sunday to watch beau Travis Kelce's Bosses take on the Nationalists. Swift apparently flew into Rhode Island prior to showing up via vehicle in Foxboro in practically no time before the opening shot.

Did Taylor Swift Go To The Patriots Game Today

Swift was displayed all through the transmission as the Bosses procured a 27-17 win.

The game was initially planned for Monday Night Football, yet was flexed out of early evening with the Loyalists battling this season.

Swift has been in participation for a few Bosses games all through the season. However numerous football fans were not keen on her whereabouts this week, an enormous number of Swifties in New Britain had their eyes on Foxboro on the ball.

"We attempted to get passes to her show however we proved unable, so this is the nearest thing we could do to get Taylor tickets," said Alison Robinson of Andover, who was in the first column with her family.Some of Swift fans told WBZ-television they anticipated going to their first NFL game in quite a while of getting a brief look at their godlike object.

"We have an extraordinary football match-up and yet, we get to see our venerated image, Miss Taylor Swift . She's simply been there for me through various challenges," said Kaitlin Hickey outside Gillette.

Swift k has played shows at Gillette Arena multiple times, including three sold out shows this late spring that attracted north of 200,000 individuals to Foxboro as a feature of "The Periods Visit."

As indicated by the "U.S. Travel Affiliation," the purported "Taylor Swift Economy" got an expected $10 billion cross country throughout the visit.

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