Do Any Male Celebrities Wear Nail Polish In Real Life (not For Films)? If So, Which Ones Are They And Why Do They Wear Nail Polish On Their Fingers At All Times?

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I would not consider it for that reason, because I wouldn’t care if I had white spots on my nails and wouldn’t bother to try to cover them up.

When I was in college and was heavily into electronics, I used to put nail polish on the smallest finger of my left hand. I also let that nail grow, and cut a V-shaped notch in it. I did this so when I was modifying a PC board, I could hold a bit of wire firmly against the board with my nail while I soldered it, without burning myself.

This was long enough ago that when you talked about modifying your computer, the process was more about cutting traces and soldering chips than about unplugging your graphics card and plugging in a new one. Sometimes, you’d add new chips by piggybacking them on top of existing chips that had power pins in the same position, then bending the other pins horizontally and soldering wires to them.

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