Does Alessia Zecchini Still Dive?

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Does Alessia Zecchini Still Dive? Alessia Zecchini is still free diving professionally, and has 35 world records to her name.

Does Alessia Zecchini Still Dive

The new Netflix narrative recounts the tale of an aggressive free jumper that finishes in misfortune, and watchers need to know where Alessia Zecchini is currently.

The new narrative investigates the hazardous universe of free jumping through world-record holding Alessia Zecchini and prestigious mentor and security educator Stephen Keenan. The film utilized genuine film, as well as a few chronicle video and remaking, to report the pair's accomplishments together. The film closes in a jump endeavor in Egypt that turned out badly, leaving watchers needing to find out about what occurred after The Most profound Breath finishing.

Not by any means the only narrative has had watchers needing to know more lately, after evident wrongdoing story The Lucy Blackman Case has many pondering where Joji Obara is presently and The Woman of Quiet left others posing inquiries about where Juana Barraza is as well. Somewhere else, the more carefree Wham! narrative had fans needing to realize what has been going on with Andrew Ridgeley.

Where is Alessia Zecchini now?

Alessia Zecchini is as yet a free jumper. The Italian jumper has established numerous worldwide bests in the game, and was roused by Natalia Molchanova, an unbelievable Russian boss free jumper. She initially began preparing at only 13 years of age.

As per her authority site, which portrays her as the "most profound lady on the planet", Alessia is the holder of 35 world records, and has likewise been granted 17 world gold decorations. In May 2023, she set another worldwide best of - 123m while jumping with a monofin - a solitary balance worn on the jumper's feet - in the Philippines.

What happened to Stephen Keenan?

Stephen Keenan tragically passed on while assisting Alessia Zecchini with making a plunge The Blue Opening in Egypt - one of the most hazardous jump locales on the planet. He helped guide Alessia to the surface after the jump turned out badly, and didn't endure the occurrence.

Alessia was not completely cognizant for the rising, and it is imagined that Stephen pushed her upwards prior to shutting down himself. He was tracked down lying face down on the outer layer of the water, incapable to be restored.

Who dies in The Deepest Breath?

Stephen Keenan passes on in Netflix's The Most profound Breath. Stephen was an Irish extraordinary free jumper and security educator, meaning he checked free jumpers for the last 30m before they reemerge - as this is the point at which they're at the most elevated hazard of shutting down because of oxygen hardship.

The Deepest Breath ending explained

The completion of The Most profound Breath depicts Stephen Keenan's last plunge at The Blue Opening in Egypt. Having accomplished an individual best and breaking a world record at free plunging rivalry Vertical Blue, Alessia Zecchini chose to take on The Blue Opening - one of the most hazardous jump locales on the planet.

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