Does Bradley Cooper Own A Food Truck?

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NEW YORK (CBS) - - Bradley Cooper has quite a bit of knowledge about cheesesteaks from experiencing childhood in Montgomery Province.

Bradley Cooper

Presently, it seems the "Silver Linings Playbook" the entertainer is getting in on the cheesesteak business.

Cooper collaborated with Danny DiGiampietro, the proprietor of Angelo's Pizza joint in South Philadelphia, to serve up cheesesteaks from a food truck in New York City at West Third Road close to 6th Road on Wednesday.

"He's a characteristic," DiGiampietro said of Cooper as he cooked a cheesesteak.

The two are referring to the truck as "Danny and Coop's" and all the returns went to noble cause.

The two will likewise be serving cheesesteaks on Thursday.


Who is Bradley Cooper's partner?

Cooper became drawn in to entertainer Jennifer Esposito in October 2006, and they wedded that December.

What did Bradley Cooper do before acting?

Cooper set his culinary desires to the side in the wake of moving on from Georgetown College in 1997 with an English degree. He signed up for a graduate degree program at the Entertainers Studio Show School in New York City. While an understudy there, he handled his most memorable TV plug for an inexpensive food chain.

Are Bradley Cooper and Brooke Shields friends?

Cooper and Safeguards recently featured in the 2008 blood and gore movie The 12 PM Meat Train together and have remained companions from that point forward.

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