Does Jisoo From BLACKPINK Have A Solo Album?

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Like a portion of her best vocal minutes on BLACKPINK records, "Blossom" sees Jisoo setting free with profound chatters and energetic runs before the track changes gear with a pitched-up vocal succession that will probably become one of 2023's most prominent earworms. The subsequent track, "Everyone's Eyes on Me," focuses to Jisoo's affection for vigorous dance-pop records, which fans saw firsthand through her front of Zedd and Foxes' "Lucidity" during their In Your Space world visit. Jisoo orders audience members to "Cause me to feel invigorated" prior to requesting "Everyone's eyes on me" in the midst of a stepping synth-pop dance breakdown.

BLACKPINK's Jisoo to release debut solo album this year

With the arrival of Jisoo's performance record, each of the four BLACKPINK individuals have now put out diagram besting solo music. The young lady gathering's performances started off in 2018 with Jennie's "Solo" single (which hit No. 1 on Bulletin's Reality Computerized Tune Deals graph) before both Rosé and Lisa dropped two-melody projects in 2021 (Rosé's "On the Ground" hit No. 1 on both the Board Worldwide 200 and Worldwide Excl. U.S; Lisa's "Lalisa" crested at No. 1 on the World Computerized Melody Deals outline while "Cash" bested Rap Advanced Tune Deals). It will not be long to perceive how Jisoo positions close by her dearest individuals.

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Jaw-dropping Sexy Photos of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo on the Internet


Popular BLACKPINK member Kim Ji-soo is one of the globally recognized singers who also enjoys appearing on Hollywood's big screens, which makes her a well-known actress in Korean dramas. As you may have noticed, Kim Ji-soo is characterized by her distinctive elegant and stunning style and is one of the reasons why she continues to be one of the most desirable girls in the girl group. Whether Jisoo is your favorite or not, be sure to check it out and enjoy this series of hot and sultry photos of the K-pop star that we have for you.

With over 50 million Instagram followers, Jisoo is one of South Korea's most followed pop singers. The Seoul-born artist released a debut album with members of her group in 2016 and later released two Korean albums, Blackpink In Your Area and The Album. Moreover, Jisoo has constantly strived to build an outstanding acting career. The talented singer has appeared in a few TV series including The Producers in 2015, Part-Time Idols in 2017 and Arthdal ​​Chronicles in 2019. In December 2023, you will be able to see Jisoo in his first starring role in the upcoming series. the Korean series. , snowdrops.

When it comes to fashion, the singer does not take things lightly. While Jisoo has signed ambassador contracts as a model with brands such as Kiss Me, CELEBe and others, she is also considered a global ambassador for exclusive French fashion brand Dior. If you're wondering why Jisoo isn't already alone like everyone else, you don't have to wait much longer. Considering how much time and attention she devotes to her acting career, it's easy to see why her solo debut hasn't been released yet. However, in the meantime, we ask you to take a look.

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