Has Blackpink's Jennie Been Rumored To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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As per reports, following her acting presentation in HBO's The Symbol, BLACKPINK's Jennie is currently supposed to join the Wonder True to life Universe. The tales are pointing towards the genius joining the cast of a series based on an Asian hero group named Group Specialists of Map book..

BLACKPINK's Jennie rumored to join Marvel Cinematic Universe

The reports have been drifting around beginning around 2022, however fans as of late seen that Asian entertainers highlighted in the MCU like Fala Chen, Claudia Kim, and Benedict Wong have followed Jennie on Instagram.

Jennie is reputed to play Luna Snow/Seol Hee, a K-pop craftsman, and hero that has the force of ice control. The Korean and English-talking legend for the most part fills in as a defender of the Pacific Edge however has likewise saved the remainder of the world from dangers.

From K-pop Icon To Potential Superhero: BLACKPINK's Jennie May Join Marvel's

Remain tuned for more data with respect to bits of gossip about BLACKPINK's Jennie joining the Wonder True to life Universe.

Why Jennie Ruby Jane Is Already Everyone's Favorite Part of The Idol

Why Jennie Ruby Jane Is Your Favorite Part of The Idol

At the point when The Symbol debuted June 4, crowds clamored to figure out exactly how much sex and lewdness the new show from Happiness maker Sam Levinson would have the option to pack into 54 minutes.

Be that as it may, they left away predominantly discussing Jennie Ruby Jane.

The 27-year-old, who you definitely know as Jennie from K-pop gathering Blackpink, plays Dyanne, reinforcement artist to Lily-Rose Depp's disentangling pop star, Jocelyn. Furthermore, very much like something out of a film (or notoriety television), supporting player Jennie proceeded to capture everyone's attention.

"I had relatively little opportunity to become familiar with the choreo for the dance scenes," she partook in an in the background featurette for MAX. "Fortunately, I do this constantly, so it worked out easily for me."

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