How Has The Arab Spring Fundamentally Changed Our Conception Of Democracy?

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There's a lot to say about this and i couldn't fit it all here probably. What I will say is this: For countries that actually have a democratic rule, it was a reminder of how the term has been abused and misused to fit the ruling party. These countries apply and neglect democracy according to how it fits the situation but at least they somewhat have values that can be worthwhile. For the other countries, where the Arab Spring actually happened, that have no idea of any kind of rule but Autocracy, it was a wake up call. People have fundamental rights which were, and still are, being destroyed as if they are not humans in those countries. The Arab spring was an alarm clock (which is currently snoozing for an undefined amount of time) that reminds us just how fragile a regime can be when it doesn't satisfy it's people. Our conception of democracy needs to be changed and the AS was the closest to achieve that, although I believe it did not.
Answered 12 months ago Paula Parente