How Many Xbox Next Gen Consoles Are There?

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Microsoft's consoles of the current generation include the Xbox Series X and its smaller sister, the Series S. We now know that a new Xbox, codenamed Brooklin, will launch in 2024; however, it will not be a console upgrade, but rather a redesigned Series X.

New Xbox consoles: Microsoft announces three new models coming in 2024

A continuation of the Series X and S is inescapable. Here is the most recent data

The Xbox Series X and its more modest kin the Series S are Microsoft's ongoing age consoles.

We presently know another Xbox, codenamed Brooklin, is coming in 2024, however it's a revived Series X, as opposed to an up and coming age of control center. We likewise realize we're getting a glossy white Xbox Series X, however it seems like this delivery is minimal in excess of a control center paint work.

While there's a great deal of life to be managed with of the Series X and Series S yet, a totally new Xbox age is without a doubt coming. Whether it's called Xbox Series Y, Z, or something else, Microsoft has affirmed it is most certainly coming - more on that underneath.

Most recent subtleties: Microsoft expresses the following Xbox is set to 'convey biggest specialized jump found in an equipment age'
Sony's arrangements for the PS5 Genius are likewise exceptional (obviously, we as of now have the PS5 Thin).

The control center age cycle isn't fixed, however there was eight years between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. From that point onward, there was a leap of one more seven to the 2020 send off of the Xbox Series consoles. It doesn't seem like there will be very as lengthy a stand by this time.

Next-gen Xbox: what we want to see

What’s inside?

Microsoft had a go at a genuinely new thing with the chips inside the Xbox 360. Yet, all its other Xbox consoles have utilized processors not excessively unlike those you'd track down in a PC. We see not an obvious explanation for it to change. That is, with the exception of a seemingly insignificant detail called Apple Silicon.

The M1 and M2 processors in Macintosh's MacBooks and work area Macintoshes have demonstrated the way that much power and proficiency can be wrung out of ARM plans. A new work posting has been uncovered for a 'Head Framework On Chip Silicon Designer'. It proposes Microsoft might go the same way.

In the event that we see an ARM processor as quick as the M2 in a future Microsoft Surface, there's not a great explanation for why we were unable to see one in a Xbox as well. As we've found in the central processor and GPU execution of the M2, in addition to the ARM contributes telephones, tablets and the Nintendo Switch, they're more than fit for running the sorts of games we need to play.

One thing that makes this more uncertain is that we figure Sony should do exactly the same thing. The control center conflict requires continually bigger execution figures. Neither one of the sides should be visible to give ground to the next, all things considered. Nintendo figured out how to pull out from the race with the Wii, Yet it carried sufficient development with the Switch for it not to issue.

Pile on the power

We might want to see another Xbox that is got more handling snort than the ongoing age. Our televisions all game 4K goals, and have HDMI ports that can acknowledge higher edge rates. Basically, the up and coming age of control center need to target 4K at 60fps. We're not excessively complained about seeing 8K result at the present time. The handling overheads for a games console are excessively perfect. In any case, raising a ruckus around town focus in each game ought to be a base. With higher casing rates an opportunities for velvety activity games.

With extraordinary handling power comes the requirement for more Slam. More SSD stockpiling permits the Xbox Series X to stack games rapidly, meaning to a lesser extent a respite between levels. We'll likewise require a greater amount of it, as game resources get bigger with each passing control center age.

The plate drive could likewise be dropped as it will accompany Brooklyn. The Series S console presently doesn't have an inner Blu-beam drive, depending on its web association and the Xbox Store to get games. As games get bigger, having the option to fit them onto Blu-beam circles - which have a top limit of 100GB right now - will get more earnestly. We might want to see the new Xbox have heaps of quick interior stockpiling to get around this. Super quick broadband associations wouldn't do any harm, all things considered.

The authority Xbox tweet (beneath) going with the February 2024 declaration clarified that Microsoft has a "hearty and imaginative long term equipment guide".


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