How Much Do Influencers Get Paid To Attend Fashion Shows?

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Every season, you can expect the creators to have front rows packed with A-list celebrities – some more than others, of course. Have you ever wondered why? Who what to wear has your answer. Read on to find out how much designers are spending to make the hottest celebrities, editors and bloggers take center stage on their runways.
Are Fashion Week Models Paid? We Got To The Bottom Of It
Newsflash: Fashion shows are not only opportunities for designers to present their latest creations in the public space. They're also money-making opportunities for everyone from A-list celebrities to aspiring bloggers, some of whom are paid incredible sums just for sitting in the front row for the 15 minutes it takes. it takes for the show to take off. .

We've rounded up the numbers and, based on our research, put together a pretty comprehensive list of what everyone gets paid to attend fashion shows and how much the average person pays for a ticket.

Beyoncé: published a fee schedule in 2010 showing that Beyoncé was paid up to $100,000 for her No. 1 appearance.
Celebrities at Paris Fashion Week: Serena Williams and Adriana Lima attend  Balmain show
Rihanna - An unidentified UK publication reports that she was paid around $97,500 for attending Karl Lagerfeld's Fall 2012 show in Paris.

Jessica Chastain: She was rumored to have been paid $800,000 for photo shoots at the Armani Privé show last year, but an in-house stylist said: "Of course a lot of shows pay, some more than others "$800,000 is way more than that." .(The charge was probably closer to $80,000.) Other Armani loyalists include Anne Hathaway and Cate Blanchett.

Chloe Sevigny's $65,000 per pub in the UK is the industry average.

Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian cost about $50,000.

“High-end offers are often exclusive; when a star attends just one show (like Jennifer Lawrence, who sits next to Harvey Weinstein at Dior in July), she expects to be paid in kind or under a contract that requires your help.

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