How To Live A Sustainable Lifestyle?

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Consider the How To Live A Sustainable Lifestyle, You can live more sustainably by reducing your carbon footprint in these five ways.

  • Food – Opt for local, plant-based options
  • Travel – What to avoid short car trips
  • Housing – Need to make simple changes at home and work
  • Shopping – Opt before buying
  • Leisure – Rediscover local attractions

Consistently we settle on decisions in our lives that influence the climate, the environment and different species. From what we eat to the number of kids we that choose to have, there's a ton we can do to "pick wild" and lessen our natural effect to have more space for wild creatures and plants. Our singular activities matter — yet we can't do it single-handedly. Share this page to motivate others and look at our activity cautions for ways you can advocate for strategy change.

1. Think twice before shopping.
2. Ditch plastic and switch to reuse.
3. Take extinction off your plate.
4. Simplify the holidays.
5. Choose organic.
6. Ditch fast fashion and animal-based textiles.
7. Be water wise.

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