If You Were A Super-hero, What Powers Would You Have?

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My superpower would be to have perfect recollection. And every single thing you’ve ever heard, said, smelled, tasted or felt could be recalled instantaneously. The knowledge you acquire will make you a genius at anything and everything eventually. The world would be your oyster. There’s nothing you couldn’t accomplish.

Answered one year ago Luna EllaLuna Ella

I am loving this question and find it difficult to choose. When I think about my life and what would be most beneficial to me and those who count on me, I’ve decided that teleportation would be my super power. Being able to travel from one location to the next without distance and time constraints, for business meetings and events, then back home for soccer games and dance recitals, then out for a business dinner and home to tuck my people in, then back for after dinner conversations.

Answered one year ago Kari PettersenKari Pettersen

If I may be a bit selfish on this one, I would like to be a super Hero with binocular-like eyesight. I would like to be able to see things coming for miles! I have had low vision since birth and would love to see what people with normal vision see. If I could go beyond to Super Hero sight – perfect!! Of course, if those eyes were set in a tall attractive blond body that would work too!!

Answered one year ago Torikatu  KalaTorikatu Kala

Teleportation. It would make everyday tasks like going to work or get groceries so much easier. Also, it would make travelling way easier and enjoyable if you there wasn’t the stress of having to make flights, saving money, organizing/planning.

Answered one year ago Willow StellaWillow Stella