Is It Easy To Travel US From Canada On Daily Basis For A Job?

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If I talk about job opportunities and not on daily basis, every year thousands of Canadian citizens enter the United States for various purposes. Seeing as the two countries share a border, travel is generally easy, thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Nexus card. Traveling to the U.S. for work, however, is a different matter and not quite as straightforward. 

The short answer is yes, Canadian citizens can indeed work in the United States, but just like any other foreign national, they must first obtain the appropriate U.S. work visa from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Plus they may only obtain the work visa after getting a job offer from a U.S. employer. Fortunately, Canadians have a number of advantages that are not available to other foreign nationals. For one, there are several categories of U.S. work visas that a Canadian national is eligible to apply for and work under. Let’s take a look at some of them. 

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Applying for a job on-line is no longer like the usage of Netflix or Amazon. You can't click on on that post button and get assured results.It’s a very human process. As such, you want to reduce in line of the opposition and get the interest of the selection makers.When I landed in Canada, I bought three job gives in two weeks. I am in the IT industry, an in demand subject no doubt. But there is a lot of opposition too. Plus, as a new immigrant I had no journey and no community in Canada at all.Here is a speedy precis of how I received the job. After I custom-made the resume, researched about the business enterprise and the recruiter, I contacted the recruiter on LinkedIn.She replied, mentioning that she is NOT the recruiter for this position. The employer made a mistake, and so she gave me the contact of the real recruiter. She emailed him and informed him that I contacted her.The new recruiter referred to as me and spoke to me, and we had a superb conversation. He setup the interview, and I received the job.
One 12 months later, I bumped into the recruiter once more at a coaching session. He remembered me, and I requested him “How come you known as me? Didn’t you get a lot of candidates for this job?” He responded “Yes I did, however to be honest, I solely known as you because the first recruiter who was once mistakenly put on the job utility emailed me at once with your activity in the position.”For my different two jobs offers, I took a comparable approach. I emailed directly, picked up the cellphone and called, and even snail mailed my resume. I personalized my resume to the job description for every and each application.You should be thinking, to get three job presents in two weeks, I need to have utilized to 100s of jobs. Nope! I solely utilized to 14 jobs in total.Now I’m not stating that everyone will have the same results as me. Also, if you are applying for a regulated job, you have to undergo training and bridging programs to be able to practice in that field.
My point is to highlight the difference between an active job search strategy, and a passive one.
Most people take the passive route - endlessly machine gunning their resume to online job boards (this is called “spraying and praying”). To make matters worse, they will upload generic resumes.
Take note that your resume is not being seen by human eyes. It’s being scanned by a machine - a software called “Application Tracking Systems”. This means that if your resume is not customized to the job description, it’s not going anywhere.
Those that take an active approach know that applying for the job online is merely a formality. The real work starts AFTER the submission, but contacting the hiring executives directly.

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