Is Lil Wayne One Of The Greatest Rappers Of All Time?

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Who is the best rapper ever? Stand by, there is compelling reason need to answer on the grounds that, regardless of the rundown, the best position will constantly be a wellspring of discussion. Yet, all things considered, he is and will constantly be a GOAT.

Recently, Board/Energy assembled their rundown of the 50 biggest rappers ever, and Lil Wayne arrived in the No. 7 spot. "Man, who on earth is before me? Was the rundown including all hip bounce, as when too?" he requested Zane Lowe on the current week's episode from "The Zane Lowe Show" on Apple Music.

It just so happens, Tunechi followed behind The Famous B.I.G., Eminem, Tupac, Nas, Kendrick Lamar and JAY-Z, who arrived at the first spot on the list. "I can manage that. I will let you know that I am a motherf**king one. Everyone whose names you named, they likewise know I'm No. 1. Go ask them. They understand what it is," expressed Wayne with boasting on the Feb. 23 episode.

There is no denying the NOLA local's melodious ability, and he has the honors to back up his certainty. Similarly as 2022 approached its end, Wayne's 2008 hit "Candy" was confirmed jewel by the RIAA, denoting whenever he first arrived at the profession achievement. The track was highlighted on Tha Carter III, beat the Bulletin Hot 100 graph for five sequential weeks, won the Grammy Grant for Best Rap Melody and had a resurgence when it became one of the most famous records utilized on TikTok, demonstrating that he has the stuff to pull in Gen Z.

The previous summer, the "A Milli" rapper gave fans the update they have hotly anticipated: Tha Carter VI is at last coming. He further powered expectation for the collection last month when he reported the "Welcome to Tha Carter Visit," which will hit 28 urban areas beginning with Minneapolis, Minnesota, on April 4.


Who is better Jay Z or Lil Wayne?

Wayne has 3 #1 hits (Announcement Hot 100) and Jay has 4 #1s of his own. In any case, Wayne has 25 of his tunes in the main 10 by and large, while Jay just has 22 in a similar classification. Thus, on a tune for-melody premise ... they're close. Indeed, even on a collection count, Jay's 14 #1s to Wayne's 9 (Board 200) has them practically tied.

Who has more hits Eminem or Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne - 24 Top 10 sections. 3. Eminem - 22 Top 10 sections

Who has more platinum records Jay Z or Lil Wayne?

Rappers with the most MULTI platinum collections ???????? 10 - Jay Z 8 - Drake 8 - Kanye West 8 - Eminem 6 - Lil Wayne 6 - Tupac 4 - OutKast 3 - Nicki Minaj 3 - Infamous Enormous 3 - Future 3 - Juice WRLD 3 - DMX 3 - Nas 3 - Sneak Homeboy This rundown really is LEGENDS as it were!

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