Is Olivia Wilde The Daughter Of Oscar Wilde?

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Olivia Wilde is not related to Oscar Wilde, but he inspired her stage name. Originally born Oliva Jane Cockburn, the actress decided to change her name when she started her acting career. Olivia is unfamiliar with aliases, in fact aliases were common in her family.

The Tron Legacy star comes from a line of writers, especially journalists, using pseudonyms. She revealed that it was her mother who encouraged her to give herself a pseudonym.

"My mum also thought it would be a good idea for me to have my own identity apart from my family," Wilde told The Observer in 2007. "She suggested I choose something Irish and something that had always been inspired. During that time, I was filming The Importance of Being Earnest: I was playing Gwendolyn and I was so in love with her. "Oscar Wilde is someone I respect a lot for. reasons: a revolutionary, a comedian and a deep thinker. He had all those reasons, but I didn't expect people to think that was a sexy adjective.

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