Linux Distribution Is An Operating System

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Architecture of Linux

Linux architecture has the following components: 


  1. Kernel: Kernel is the core of the Linux based operating system. It virtualizes the common hardware resources of the computer to provide each process with its virtual resources. This makes the process seem as if it is the sole process running on the machine. The kernel is also responsible for preventing and mitigating conflicts between different processes. Different types of the kernel are: 
    • Monolithic Kernel
    • Hybrid kernels
    • Exo kernels
    • Micro kernels
  2. System Library: Isthe special types of functions that are used to implement the functionality of the operating system.
  3. Shell: It is an interface to the kernel which hides the complexity of the kernel’s functions from the users. It takes commands from the user and executes the kernel’s functions.
  4. Hardware Layer: This layer consists all peripheral devices like RAM/ HDD/ CPU etc.
  5. System Utility: It provides the functionalities of an operating system to the user.
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Architecture of Linux PiLinux-Architecture

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