What Are Some Important Questions You Ask Yourself As You Go Through Life?

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Are my dreams truly mine? — people give in to society’s vision of what they should be.
If I had all the money and time in the world, what would I be doing? — these things will nurture you.
Are my friends and family keeping me stuck? — most times it’s the ones closest to us that hold us back.
What do I regret the most? — learn the lessons or it will keep happening.
What is calling me but I am afraid to do? — asking someone out, taking a trip, etc.
When was the last time I was ecstatic? — notice what you were doing.
What’s holding me back from my dreams? — it’s usually a bullshit story.
Why is it holding me back? — another bullshit story.
Why don’t I believe in myself? — take a chance on yourself.
Am I in a loop? — like the mundane existence of most people.


Answered one year ago Thomas Hardy