What Did Jennifer Lawrence Say About Kim Kardashian's Colored Contour Brush During The Interview?

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Jennifer Lawrence is a stunning actress known for her acting talent, fashion sense, and incredible sense of humor. Known for her bold statements in interviews and on talk shows, the versatile actress has previously interviewed reality TV star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian, and their interaction is impossible to miss.
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Years ago, JLaw had the opportunity to interview Kim, where she revealed to the makeup mogul that she mistook one of the KKW products for a dildo. Read on to learn all about it.

In 2017, while promoting her makeup brand KKW, Kim Kardashian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was interviewed by actress Jennifer Lawrence. During their conversation, JLaw held up a Kim-branded n*de color contour brush and said, “Kim is here to talk about her KKW cosmetics line. This is one of their products that I think I have. (turns it around and sees the brush) Oh, too bad, I don't have that. Should it be red?

Correcting Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian said: "It's about the outline, the blended outline. Yeah, not what you think. The Hunger Games actress added: "Not at all what I thought ", suggesting that she thought it was a dildo.

Kim Kardashian was quick to defend the color of her makeup product, saying, "You know what? It's not really the color.

In the video, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that it wasn't necessarily the flesh/skin color of the product that led her to believe it was a dildo, but rather the shape of the sponge. of the mixer at one end of the stick. In response, Kim revealed a little detail about her sex life, saying, "See, I usually see darker colors, so that didn't cross my mind. It was in hindsight, I did. I posted on social media and I was like, "Damn, this looks like shit."

What is the famous interaction between Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian?

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You could say that Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian are the two queens of Hollywood right now, each reigning in her own turf: Kim, the priestess of social media, reality TV and tabloid culture, and J. Law, with the creation of movies. Business in the palm of your hand (and America's closest thing to a sweetheart right now). If Lawrence is that imaginary best friend you'd like to chill on your couch with while eating nachos and watching a weird movie that's currently on TBS, then Kardashian is the one you and Lawrence talk about during commercial breaks and would unwittingly talk about. Whether it's her latest Instagram, a new magazine cover, or an unexpected fight.

And while the two exist in very different spheres of fame, those spheres now overlap in unlikely ways. While on a trip to Los Angeles, Kardashian told The Sun about her recent encounter with Lawrence (not having a photographer to capture that interaction is one of the most devastating setbacks this nation has suffered in recent memory).

What if the elevator doors hadn't been closed? What if Kim had gotten out and walked down the hall? What if they swapped phone numbers and became friends ("I got obsessed with American Hustle." "I'm obsessed with your hustle")? What if Lawrence (who previously expressed his love on Keeping Up with the Kardashians) shows up at dinner parties at Kris Jenner's house and is spotted at Kourtney's baby shower, or whatever? It's not that J. Law hasn't flirted with reality TV stars before. What if Jennifer had convinced Kim to make an appearance in her next movie and Kim decided to give it a shot? Why not? It would be a new challenge and Jennifer kept talking about it and so on, you know? And maybe you'll get some polite comments ("Meryl Streep has nothing to worry about, but we'll admit Kim had some winning moments"), and the next thing you know Kim is playing in her own film, Crossroads, a film written for her by one of the modern writers. Family (although Kanye West is rumored to have heavily revised the script). The movie is doing pretty well, although of course Kim gets some needed Razzie nominations because this is the world we live in and it's going to be a cult hit; Tumblr actually crashes for a few hours due to bulk GIF download when the movie is released on Netflix. And Jennifer shows up at Kim's house with a box of Pinot Grigo to celebrate the movie's premiere (it was all taped for the season 76 finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians), and North comes over and says, "Aunt ." Jen, I just wanted to be an actress. Like you one day. And Jen will burst out laughing, all brutally, and say, "Oh, North, just do a reality show and finish it." Like an actress, but you can wear your own clothes." And Kim and Jen make eye contact, smile and fondly reminisce about the day the elevator nearly closed but didn't.

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