What Does Stormy Daniel Do For A Living? She Must Have Some Way Of Supporting Herself.

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She’s doing stand-up comedy these days. You wouldn’t expect a porn actress to be funny, but she is. I suppose working in adult films must require a strong sense of humor.

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For the past few weeks, the story of Stormy Daniels has looked a bit like the little scandal that could be. But if you were expecting a televised event that would seriously damage Donald Trump's presidency, Daniel's 60 Minutes interview was a disappointment. The episode didn't condemn Trump in any new way (which is different from saying it wasn't condemnation). Still, it was a showcase for Daniels and his credibility. The porn star probably won't overthrow the president, but she'll still be a pain in the ass who beat her up at some point.

According to Daniels, the then 27-year-old adult film star had sex in 2006 with Trump, 60, who was the host of Apprentice at the time. In the final days of the 2016 election, when Trump became embroiled in the Access Hollywood scandal, his attorney, Michael Cohen, had Daniels sign a nondisclosure agreement about it and paid him $130,000. Now he is denying and ignoring this NDA, which Trump did not sign. What started as a boring story of a dog biting a man for that crazy White House (Donald Trump did it to a porn star) got tangled up with the potential for rape, threats and intimidation by through campaign finance.

Told in detail during a highly anticipated 60-minute reunion with Anderson Cooper, Daniel's version of events had hints of truth and laughter. Opening up about his first meeting with Trump, Daniels laughed at how much he talked about himself like he still couldn't believe it: "And he said, 'Have you seen my new magazine?' “, he told Cooper. But the story of how she pulled it apart and first asked, "Does this usually work on you?" then suggesting she spank her with a magazine with her face on the cover showed she was cunning and feisty. She took the measure of this ridiculous man and made fun of him precisely to love him. Dropping the pompous pose, he turned human for a short time and asked Daniels about it. Daniels didn't have it easy with Trump when he told her this anecdote: At first glance, it seems ridiculous; He compliments her and says she is like his daughter, but she doesn't slander him either. Beneath the stupid apparition was a slightly less stupid guy.


It was always Daniels' mode, he was no harder on Trump than necessary. From the first moments, she insisted that she was not part of #MeToo, that her gender was consensual, that she was not a "victim" and that if they said otherwise, it carried damage to the real victims. He then described a bad sexual encounter, which was accompanied by ideas of what women "owe" men. Daniels didn't want to sleep with Trump. She wasn't attracted to him. But when she came out of her hotel room bathroom to see him, in her words, "sitting on the bed," she told Cooper, "I realized exactly what I was getting into. was embarking." on it's okay [Laughs.] And I felt like, maybe, [Laughs.] It was kind of like I let him come in because I made a bad decision going in alone in someone's room. And I just heard the voice in my head, 'Well, you put yourself in a bad situation and bad things happen, so you deserve it.' Daniel's certainty that in this situation, he could only move on. and having sex with this creepy old man was kind of heartbreaking. She also feels very sorry for herself. All I could think of was "cat person"!

Throughout the interview, Daniels appeared remarkably self-possessed and clear-headed, but not partisan. She says that during and after their first meeting, Trump broached the idea of ​​casting her on Celebrity Apprentice. Cooper asked Daniels if he thought she was serious or just trying to keep her interest in him. "Both," she replied, like a woman who has no trouble understanding that people can have multiple motivations. She even gave her own reasons for attending 60 Minutes: to tell the truth, not to be called a liar, because she has nothing to lose, and yes, because she hasn't earned enough. money doing it. As she said, we all know that $130,000, the original settlement amount, was a low bid. Daniels co-opted Trump's authenticity game.

Because Trump's wrongdoing bar is so high, anything lower can seem like an excuse. And we learned very little on Sunday night that we didn't already know about the president. He is attracted to women who remind him of his daughter, he is a braggart and bully, he surrounds himself with braggarts and bullies, watches Shark Week. If anyone was hurt by this interview, it was Trump's goofy attorney, Michael Cohen, who proved to be the perfect scapegoat. Cohen is the juggernaut and bully who dealt with Daniels on Trump's behalf. It seems that if the Trump campaign breaks campaign finance reform laws, it will mostly go to Cohen in the first place. Daniels told Cooper he believed Cohen was threatening to make his life difficult. She also claims that someone involved in Trump's outfit threatened her and her young daughter using the line from the B-Mafia movie: "It would be a shame if anything happened to her mother." (Through his attorney, Cohen denies having anything to do with it.)

Ultimately, 60 Minutes was worse for Cohen than Trump. But it was mostly good for Stormy Daniels, a compelling and charismatic opponent of our compelling and charismatic president. Like Trump, she presents herself as an open person. Unlike Trump, she is clear.

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