What Is Fashion Marketing And How Can I Succeed?

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A career in fashion marketing can range from a simple marketing position at a fashion retailer to a corporate career at a major fashion brand. Depending on your work history, you may need to do more than just submit a resume and rely on your existing retail experience. To successfully break into the fashion marketing industry, you may also need to network, gain bottom-up experience, and consider some additional tips to help you on your chosen career path.

Get a degree in this field. It may seem like fashion isn't a field that requires a degree to get a job; However, depending on the company you wish to work for, this may be necessary. A fashion marketing degree will teach you retail fundamentals and merchandising techniques, give you tips on collaborating with designers and other industry experts, and show you how to associate marketing and fashion to get results.

Internship at a fashion retailer or company. Any type of industry experience and knowledge you can gain would be helpful in advancing your career in the fashion marketing industry. Depending on the terms of the internship, you can usually intern for tuition or a scholarship. Absorb as much as you can to gain experience to apply when you're ready to launch your career.

Start networking early. The sooner you network within the industry and connect with other fashion industry professionals, the more likely you are to land a position once you're ready to officially begin your career. Attend social events and fashion industry networking events. Take business cards and try to remember names with faces. Take notes in a small notebook, discreetly of course, if that helps you memorize.

Get a retail job that can help you gain more experience in fashion marketing. Unlike an internship, now is the time to get to work. Apply for a position, preferably in a marketing or public relations department, but you can also start as an assistant manager or even a store associate in a retail team. Get to know the inner workings of the fashion industry so you have a solid foundation in the industry while trying to keep climbing.


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