What Is The Loop Until Condition Is Met In Python?

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What is Loop?

Circles can execute a block of code number of times until a specific condition is met. Their use is genuinely normal in programming. Not at all like other programming language that have For Circle, while circle, dowhile, and so on.

What is For Loop?

For circle is utilized to repeat over components of a grouping. It is in many cases utilized when you have a piece of code which you need to rehash "n" number of time.

What is While Loop?

While Circle is utilized to rehash a block of code. Rather than running the code block once, It executes the code block on various occasions until a specific condition is met.

How to use “While Loop”

While circle does the precisely same thing what "if explanation" does, yet rather than running the code block once, they bounce back to where it started the code and rehashes the entire interaction.

Language structure

#Example file for working with loops
#define a while loop
while(x <4):
        x = x+1

Step by step instructions to use "For Loop"

In Python, "for circles" are called iterators.

Very much like while circle, "For Circle" is additionally used to recurrent the program.

Yet, not at all like while circle which relies upon condition valid or misleading. "For Circle" relies upon the components it needs to repeat.

#Example file for working with loops
#define a while loop
#    while(x <4):
#        print x
#        x = x+1

#Define a for loop 
for x in range(2,7):

How to use break statements in For Loop?

Breakpoint is an extraordinary capability in For Circle that permits you to break or end the execution of the for circle

#use a for loop over a collection
    #Months = ["Jan","Feb","Mar","April","May","June"]
    #for m in Months:
        #print m
# use the break and continue statements
for x in range (10,20):
            if (x == 15): break
            #if (x % 2 == 0) : continue

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