What Is The Miranda Derrick Documentary About?

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The subject of the documentary series is Miranda Derrick, a family member who has been estranged from them and who they are fervently attempting to remove. Additionally, it depicts Robert Shinn, the leader of the 7M movement and self-described “man of God” who serves as a pastor at the exclusive Shekinah Church.

"I fail to see how my folks and my sister felt that this narrative would help me," Miranda said

Miranda Derrick claims she and her better half James "BDash" Derrick are getting dangers and are worried for their wellbeing following the new arrival of the Netflix docuseries Moving for Satan: The 7M TikTok Religion.

What Is The Miranda Derrick Documentary About

The virtual entertainment powerhouse presented a video on Instagram on Monday, June 10, tending to the negative consideration she and James have supposedly gotten after the docuseries, which debuted on May 29, implied that the couple was engaged with a supposed clique.

"Hello folks, I realize I don't ordinarily make this sort of satisfied, yet I simply needed to be straightforward and somewhat open to you," Miranda started on-camera in her clasp.

"However, before this narrative, my better half and I — we had a real sense of reassurance," she said. "Now that this narrative is out, we feel like our lives have been seriously endangered."

In the Netflix series, Miranda's sister Melanie Wilking recounts the narrative of how Miranda and James met.

As indicated by Melanie, James was a famous Krump artist whose gifts drove him to being included on NBC's Universe of Dance. With Melanie and Miranda (also known as The Wilking Sisters) likewise being known for moving, the three started working together in April 2019.

Notwithstanding, after the triplet began a gathering visit, in the end James eliminated Melanie with the goal that main he and Miranda could message and the two started dating.

It was through Miranda's collaboration with James that she was acquainted with Robert Shinn's 7M association, the subject of the series. In 2022, the Wilking family made an Instagram Live video blaming Shinn for running a faction.

"We have both been continued in our vehicles. We have gotten disdain mail, passing dangers. Individuals have been sending us messages to end it all. We've been followed," Miranda guaranteed on Monday.

She proceeded to refer to explicit instances of supposed upsetting way of behaving.

"I sincerely — I don't see how my folks and my sister believed that this narrative would help me or would help our relationship in any capacity. I simply don't grasp that," Miranda proceeded.

The TikTok star gathered that she and her family had been getting into a single unit secretly "for the two or three years" to "retouch" their relationship, however presently their advancement has been upset considering ongoing occasions.

"Truly, I believe that my folks, my sister have zeroed in such a great amount on this narrative, that they've disregarded chipping away at any relationship with me and that damages. That harms me to say," Miranda said.

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She added that it's been difficult to zero in on making web-based entertainment happy with all that has been going on, and apologized to her allies assuming things on her records appeared "more slow" than expected.

Prior to wrapping her video, she said thanks to her fans for their "kind messages," and vowed to return to moving soon.

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