What Is The Most Illogical Fashion Or Beauty Trend You Have Come Across?

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A young guy who works at Berkeley Whole Foods Market can be seen on a step ladder stacking cans on high shelves. The color and cut of his hair look like this: Gorgeous!

He dyes his hair in the trending Granny Silver color.

The Granny Silver hair trend started in 2015. Instead of fizzling out, it is escalating in 2017. This trend is especially popular with the 20s -30s age group, but its desirability cuts across generations.

Yesterday, while walking across the UC Berkeley campus I saw a student with a haircut and color similar to this: Wow!

Here is Lucky Blue Smith. Breathtaking!

How illogical is that?!

Take a look:

It seems the hair color matches dark, dusky, and light skin colors.

So beautiful!

Fresh and captivating.




Illogical can mean breathtaking.

The fashion may not make sense, but it works to introduce a stunning perspective of beauty.

Answered one year ago Mercado Wolski