What Pictures Will Scare People Into A Healthy Lifestyle?

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The one thing I have always been scared about… okay, maybe ‘scared’ is too mild a word… let’s say ‘terrified’ about is drugs. I grew up watching movies that showed youngsters getting addicted to it and how it is essentially bad at the end. This heavily influenced my overall attitude towards the very idea of any kind of intoxicants or mind-altering substances. And then in my early twenties, I realized that there are a lot of people who do drugs and still live a normal life. I was confused. Not that I considered trying it out myself… but I wondered if it was all a farce after all.

Then I saw some photographs in a tabloid that made my eyes go wide in shock. What these substances do to our bodies is beyond comprehension. Look at the before and after drug usage/abuse pictures of celebrities if you want to see what I mean…

Macaulay Culkin

Matthew Perry

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