What Sets Rare Beauty Apart From Other Beauty Brands In The Market?

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Vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand, Rare Beauty was created by Selena Gomez and launched in September 2020 with a mission to celebrate the individuality, to redefine standards of beauty and to be a safe place for spiritual well-being. 1% of all product sales are donated to the Rare Beauty Impact Fund, a mental health organization.

Rare Beauty is active across all social media channels and has a total reach of over 5.3 million, including 3.6 million Instagram followers, 1.2 million followers on TikTok, 306,000 followers on YouTube, 139.6k followers on Twitter. 94,000 likes on Facebook and 9,100 followers on Pinterest.

Here are 4 social media strategy lessons brands can learn from Rare.

Have a face

As a premium brand, Rare Beauty has a unique USP that needs to be leveraged . More than just a founder, Selena Gomez aligns herself with Rihanna's Fenty Beauty presence and serves as a spokesperson. Gomez is the face of social media (the first person to reach 100 million followers on Instagram) and creates a wealth of content around to promote their products, from video makeup tutorials to "get ready with me" vlogs and product launches. products. Even non-celebrity founded brands can make their founder a celebrity by giving them a public presence and sharing their expertise on social media.

Raise an army

On TikTok and Instagram in particular, Rare Beauty is associated with an army of influential ambassadors to be present and promote the product through the creation of dynamic content. The brand's digital friends include Sarah Wolak, Toni Bravo and Alexis join Rare collaborators, global stylist Cynthia Di Meo, social and community manager Janessa Jones and professional artist Kourtney Nicole to produce regular channel content and looks and showcase beauty apps. Rare recognizes the power of peer recommendations and influencer reach, and nurtures key long-term relationships with trend setters. Brands should implement a strategic ambassador program and look to the best-placed employee spokespersons to communicate your social media messages.

Embrace Artistry

Rare Beauty designs custom graphics and interactive images which pepper its Instagram feed. From dictionary definitions, to themed wordsearches and visual product guides, this content breaks up the traditional channel output. An interesting way to stop scroll and engage with its customers, custom graphics and text pose questions to its community and drive active participation. Brands should get creative and work with graphic designers to product custom assets for owned channels.

Talk To Your Customers

On TikTok, Rare Beauty often creates video content in direct response to follower feedback or enquiry. When a customer asks a particular question, the brand doesn’t hesitate to publicly answer that question with an informative and instructive short video. The original comment is featured within the content and its owner is tagged in the caption. Initiating a two-way conversation with potential consumers, these response videos add value to Rare’s audience by making them feel heard and seen. Brands should include some reactive strategy in their social media plans, particularly if common questions arise.

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