When Was The Last Major Earthquake In Taiwan?

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TAIPEI, Taiwan — A significant tremor struck Taiwan during the morning busy time on Wednesday, imploding structures and setting off tidal wave alerts in Japan and the Philippines.

No less than seven individuals were accounted for dead, authorities said. More than 700 were feeling the loss of, The Related Press detailed.

The shake hit close to the eastern city of Hualien at 7:58 a.m. nearby time (2358 GMT) and had a greatness of 7.4, as indicated by the U.S. Land Study, making it the most grounded tremor to hit starting around 1999. The profundity was around 35 kilometers (22 miles), which is viewed as shallow. Taiwan's quake observing office gave the extent as 7.2.

Solid shaking was felt in Taipei, the capital, about 100 miles away, with post-quake tremors went on for approximately two hours. What's more, there were reports in China that individuals as distant as Shanghai, around 500 miles toward the north, could feel the seismic tremor.

Pictures on TV showed broad harm, including structures leaning to the side in the wake of having been shaken off their establishments. The specialists suspended work and school in Hualien, a region with around 300,000 occupants. Authorities likewise shut down eight power plants for wellbeing, and 87,000 occupants in Hualien, the focal point, were without power, however power stays on until the end of the island.

Bloomberg News detailed that TSMC, the world's driving creator of state of the art computer chips, emptied creation lines after the shake.

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