Which Is The Best Online Cosmetics Store In India?

Asked 11 months ago
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Well, it really depends on what type of products you want and where you live. Though online shopping is convenient and hassle-free, location plays an important role. Like every reliable app or website may not deliver products worldwide.

But I can answer this question based on my experience. I live in Qatar, and Purplebox Qatar is my favorite online platform to shop for cosmetics. Shopping with them is safe and easy. Exploring the wide range of products available on the site is amazing, and it is easy to find top-branded products. I have purchased many lip glosses, kajal, mascara, and eye shadows, and they all were amazing. Plus, they delivered all the products safely to my doorstep.

You may find a lot of options available online for getting your daily household supplies but I feel some of them are not reliable at times. It is better to find one supermarket that you already know. Try Shupple, they have some local supermarkets listed on their platform. Just give your Pincode and find the shops there. It is much more reliable I feel. At least you know who the seller is and can contact them directly. Also, they accept your order only after making sure that the product is there with them, which can avoid unnecessary refund issues. Shupple also provides the convenience of local shopping, faster delivery, and even free delivery from your favorite shops.

Answered 11 months ago Vijay Kumar