Which Passport Is More Powerful - The American Or Canadian Passport?

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Having spent pretty a bit of time remote places I can barring a doubt say that the Canadian passport and vacationers are greater respected. Working with many Americans they would ask me to convey them these memento Canadian flags from the airport present keep to put on their luggage so humans would assume they are Canadians.
I desire that that used to be my solely example. When I was once working in Iraq I truly obtained stopped with the aid of insurgents. After my driver had some again and forth with them they took appear at my passport and let me go. When they let me go they stated “you are fortunate you aren’t an American or we would have taken you “Not lengthy after that I had a connecting flight in Karachi Pakistan that our group’s tour agent screwed up. After 2+ hours of being wondered and drug round the airport no person had even seemed at my passport yet. After the armed officers determined to have it out with the airline their supervisor was once known as and the first issue he did used to be ask to see my passport to which he remarked “oh you are Canadian, they idea you had been an American” and abruptly all my troubles went away, they discovered my luggage and obtained me on my flight. Those are a few of the extra intense examples I encountered in 6 years working internationally however it was once a extraordinarily frequent theme Canadian true American bad. Despite that most of the human beings who I talked to who felt that way would nevertheless decide upon to pass to the United States over Canada. That might also have modified with the present day political local weather however I can’t clearly say on account that I have been returned in Canada on account that simply earlier than the ultimate US election.

Answered one year ago Ola	 Hansen	Ola Hansen

It depends on the time and place.

I worked for a period in Seoul Korea in the mid 2010s; I would certainly much prefer an American passport to a Canadian one in that location at that time — and I have the luxury of holding both.

On the other hand I have also been in China several and Southern hemisphere countries a few years later- there and then a Canadian or EU passport was better received in many places.

Given current American political lunacy, the relative value of the passports has changed. I think world geopolitics, and economics, and social attitudes have a bearing on it as well.

Answered one year ago Matti  KarttunenMatti Karttunen