Why Did Kourtney Kardashian Marry Travis Barker?

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker aka #Kravis are one of the sexiest celebrity couples we follow daily (I couldn't help it). Can you blame us? From walking the red carpet to a sweet family trip to Disneyland, their love embodies relationship goals and just makes our hearts sing.

The Branded Marriage of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker - The New  York Times

ICYMI, Travis popped the question to Kourtney in October 2021. The two kept their wedding plans a secret, but in April the two (sort of) got married in Las Vegas. On May 15, they formalized their marriage in a court in Santa Barbara, California. But wait, there's more!

On Friday, May 20, speculation began circulating that Kravis was planning to tie the knot in Italy over the weekend, according to TMZ. Turns out the rumors were true. Kourtney and Travis tied the knot for the third time in front of close family and friends on the Italian Riviera. So many things happened! If you have a *slight* problem keeping track of all the details, look no further. Here, we break down everything you need to know about Kourt and Trav's three (!) celebrations, from their nightly vows in a Las Vegas chapel to their romantic Italian fling.

Kravis are totally, completely, officially together forever! On Sunday, May 22, at the villa of L'Olivetta, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in Portofino, Italy, Kourtney and Travis said "yes, I do" for the third time. After the ceremony, the couple hosted a reception at Castello Brown, a historic castle in the seaside town.

The bride wore a Dolce & Gabbana white lace-trimmed corset mini dress and a dramatic sheer white veil that had to be held by two people. According to photos posted by TMZ, Kris walked Kourt down the aisle only to be joined by Travis, who was also wearing Dolce. The mother wiped away her tears as she led her daughter down the aisle on the red carpet, which was adorned with white candles set in ornate gold sconces and dozens of red roses. "Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Barker," the reality star captioned an Instagram post.

 The reception at Castello Brown included a performance by acclaimed Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli singing "Can't Help Falling In Love" for the newlyweds, an outfit change from Kravis (Kourt changed to a black lace-trimmed miniskirt), and the parade of Kourt's League through the... teeth of Travis. Kim shared videos of Bocelli singing, while Kylie previewed the little details of the wedding, including the heart and cross-themed placemats.

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's relatively quick journey to married life began in April with a tequila-filled ordeal at a Las Vegas wedding chapel.

They officially became husband and wife on May 15, said "yes, I do" to each other at a Santa Barbara, Calif., courthouse, and finalized the deal on May 22 during a lavish weekend. in front of their family and friends in Portofino, Italy. . Boat trips, ice races, cases of champagne and countless changes of clothes.

After all the excitement and one opportunity after another to look forward to (they also managed to get a Met Gala date), Mr. and Mrs. Barker would be forgiven when they got home and hit a wall.

In a way, private jet lag is still jet lag, but they got back together and with Travis celebrating his 47th birthday on Nov. 14, the honeymoon phase continues.

On Monday, Kourtney re-shared the handwritten note, first shown to Travis in February 2021, which read, "For many fun adventures, may we completely destroy each other." I love you, Kourtney."

These two always seem to be celebrating something, and as always, they did everything they could to celebrate their favorite holiday. "Wish every day was Halloween," Travis captioned a photo of him and Kourtney dressed as Frankenstein's monster and his girlfriend. "Every day with you is like Halloween and Christmas," his wife commented.

In addition to the couple stepping out all costumes for the second year in a row, last month the couple also closed a $14.5 million beach house in Santa Barbara, a love nest with a guest house , including a source E! News as "perfect for older kids."

Travis and Kourtney love getting away to the beach, getting married on the Italian Riviera, then enjoying a rustic lakeside vacation before heading back to school in August, where activities like boating, tubing and zip line are offered.

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